Women Who Weld

“This program seems to draw people who are looking for self expression through a physical task. And it is very physical,” says Sharon Boynton, instructor of the Sculptural Welding Program at MCC. “It’s a multi-sensory environment that brings your entire being into focus.” Boynton is one of several “Women Who Weld,” a group of women […]

What Are Your Options for Jobs In the Construction Industry?

If you caught our blog post from a few months back, you’ll know that construction is “the place to be” these days. There are jobs galore, plenty of opportunities, and a major need for skilled workers to help build and maintain a wide variety of structures across the country. According to a 2014 survey from […]

Central Community College Introduces New Programs

Central Community College is expanding, both virtually and physically. Surveys of local Kearney manufacturers clearly signal a need for trained workers (according to the Kearney Hub, a survey of major manufacturers indicates that they will hire almost 460 skilled employees in the next five years), and Central Community College is stepping up to educate and […]

Governor Ricketts Meets with Global Manufacturer CNH Industrial

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts took office in January, and has been working tirelessly ever since to help promote Nebraska’s economy. One of the ways that government officials are able to do this is by taking trade trips, missions to meet with economic and industrial partners around the world. Ricketts’s first trip took place this June, […]

Education Spotlight: Grand Island Career Pathways Institute

If you aren’t familiar with the Grand Island Career Pathways Institute, we’d highly recommend checking out our blog post here with everything you need to know about how their learning schedule works and who attends. This education spotlight departs a bit from our usual spotlights on community colleges and universities in Nebraska, but the Grand Island […]

3 Manufacturers Transitioning to Made In the USA

Late last year, we mentioned on the blog that “Made in the USA” was making a comeback for several reasons. The “Made in the USA” label is still desirable in global markets, as well as at home. This is because it brings an assurance that products are made according to high production standards and with […]

Five Popular Segments for Careers In Manufacturing

Let’s say you don’t know anything about manufacturing: Zip, zero, zilch. However, maybe you’ve heard about the Renaissance of American manufacturing: the transition from gloomy factory jobs of the Industrial Revolution to the reality of modern-day manufacturing jobs that are well-paying, require skilled workers, and can be fulfilling and incredibly important careers. Where do you […]

TOBA Inc. Named 2015 Business of the Year

Unless you live in Grand Island or in Central Nebraska, TOBA Inc. may not necessarily be a household name for you. Many people do not know that TOBA has grown over 1,000 percent since 1995, making it the fastest growing food service company in the entire world. The Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation Board […]

How Veterans Can Transition Back to Civilian Life

Transitioning to college, whether a university or a community college, can be a confusing and complex experience. The relocation, new lifestyle, and stress of challenging classes are overwhelming. Heading off to school is exciting, but adapting to any new lifestyle takes time and effort. For the most part, this applies to all college students. It […]

What’s New In 3D Printing, Summer ’15 Edition

Check our past roundup from spring 2015, in which we featured some of the latest and greatest developments in 3D printing. From cities to jet engines and cars, the 3D printing world is taking industry by storm and redefining what it means to be a maker. It’s a dynamic media, and one that changes incredibly […]