3 Reasons University Education May Not Be for You

It’s the time of year when students are beginning to frantically check their mailboxes for college acceptance letters. A common American myth is that a university education is imperative to success in life. The truth is, there are many successful people with bachelor’s degrees, but there are many successful people without them, too. Part of […]

Know Your Options for Transferring Schools In Nebraska

These days, it isn’t very unusual for a student to begin at one university or transfer to another. Many students take advantage of completing their general education at a community college, and transferring those credits to a different university to save some time and money. This makes complete sense. Sometimes, you aren’t quite sure until […]

Project IMPACT Offers Workshops, Helps Nebraskans Earn Industry Credentials

Are you a military veteran? Are you a trade adjustment assurance-eligible worker? Do you need an industry certification? Are you interested in a high-demand, high-skill, high-wage career? If so, you may be a member of the audience that IMPACT Nebraska is attempting to reach. Born of a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s […]

Mid-Plains Community College Introduces Sunday College

Community colleges are often viewed as schools for people who want to develop skills before transferring to a university or a way to save money by working on general classes. In actuality, there’s a much broader range of people that can benefit from time at a community college. According to US News, there are four […]

Central Community College Introduces New Programs

Central Community College is expanding, both virtually and physically. Surveys of local Kearney manufacturers clearly signal a need for trained workers (according to the Kearney Hub, a survey of major manufacturers indicates that they will hire almost 460 skilled employees in the next five years), and Central Community College is stepping up to educate and […]

How Veterans Can Transition Back to Civilian Life

Transitioning to college, whether a university or a community college, can be a confusing and complex experience. The relocation, new lifestyle, and stress of challenging classes are overwhelming. Heading off to school is exciting, but adapting to any new lifestyle takes time and effort. For the most part, this applies to all college students. It […]

Introducing the Community College Gap Assistance Program

The Lincoln Journal-Star makes a good point: High school graduates seeking professional certificates or training in nondegree programs cannot apply for aid from federal or state governments. Compared to the aid available for students on a university track, these students face a steep financial climb if they want to boost their skills, find on-the-job training, […]

4 Benefits of Attending Community College

Why should you take the time to go to a community college? It can sometimes be difficult to make the jump to higher education, even if it’s a community college rather than a university. Especially for those considering careers in technical or skilled fields, it might seem just fine to head straight into the workforce– […]

Community Colleges for Military Veterans

In an earlier post, we chatted a bit about why to go to a community college: Who goes there? What are the benefits? The perks? The degrees available? It’s easy for us to talk about because we have such an outstanding community college system here in Nebraska. One of the awesome things about our community […]

Why Go to a Community College?

Community college, technical school, part-time school, the place where you get an associate’s degree: Community colleges have plenty of descriptions and certainly reputations, but what are they really? Why do you go to one? Who goes to community college in the first place? Is there a difference between community college and technical school? There are […]