Prisoners Turned Welders: How Prisons Are Training Future Manufacturing Workers

In prison, there’s not much to do. With limited time allowed for exercise, television, and other activities, prisons aren’t necessarily known for a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities. Recently, however, waves of prison reform have spurred activity in the direction of advanced education and preparing the incarcerated for careers as welders, machinists, and […]

The Manufacturer Behind the Hostess Revival

Hostess products are part and parcel of the ethos of Americana. Sure, some people think Twinkies are pieces of plastic sponge that will last through Armageddon, but it’s hard to deny the allure of Donettes, Hostess cupcakes with their creme-filled core, Ding Dongs, Ho-Hos, Sno Balls, and other signature products that have become American icons. […]

4 Scholarships for Future Manufacturers

If you’re interested in manufacturing, there are a few ways to begin your journey (and turn it into a lucrative career!) From apprenticeships to trade schools to four-year degrees to internships and more, manufacturers need workers, and that need often translates directly into dollars. If you want to attend school for a manufacturing, or even […]

Holiday STEM Projects for All Ages

Especially for kids or parents with school-age children, the holidays bring a relaxing break from the usual hustle and bustle of the academic year. Holiday movies, outdoor activities, and time with family and friends are often on the docket when it finally comes time to take a break. However, after the presents are unwrapped and […]

Full Employment: A Blessing, or a Curse?

Okay, maybe “curse” is a little strong. However, even the Wall Street Journal recently noted that Nebraska is a sample of what it’s like when a community operates at the level of “full employment,” meaning that the unemployment rate is so low that the community is essentially considered fully employed. In other words, there are […]

Meet the Midwestern Millennial Aiming to Modernize the Agriculture Industry

Meet Josh Doering. In the last few weeks, the number of articles Doering and his invention, the SeedSlide, have been mentioned in exceeds the number the young inventor can count on his fingers. Doering is the latest in a generation of millennials using technology and innovation to modernize industries like agriculture and manufacturing which, while […]

You Can 3D Print That?

If you took a peek at our previous article here, you’d notice that one of the reasons Nebraska company Tethon 3D is a pioneer is that they’ve figured out how to operate 3D printers using a unique material: ceramics. By creating a tougher and more resilient ceramic, the company can develop art, biological systems, and […]

You Can Take That? New Classes Adapt To Changing Education Standards

At the Beatrice Public Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, the board reviewed a new class and a new career academy option for students. According to the Beatrice Daily Sun, next year, all BHS juniors and seniors will enroll in a class called “Personal Finance and Career Readiness,” a dynamic class that will include […]

Exploding Hoverboards and Why Your Manufacturer Matters

“I feel like Hoverboard is an extension of me. I accelerate at will, stop on a dime, and carve the pavement without even trying. I’m addicted.” Maybe it’s marketing, or maybe it’s just that hoverboards look like a gadget straight from 2050, but the self-balancing scooters are one of the most popular items of 2015. […]