You Can Take That? New Classes Adapt To Changing Education Standards

At the Beatrice Public Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday, the board reviewed a new class and a new career academy option for students. According to the Beatrice Daily Sun, next year, all BHS juniors and seniors will enroll in a class called “Personal Finance and Career Readiness,” a dynamic class that will include […]

When Should Vocational and Technical Education Begin?

In the quest to increase technical and vocational education in the United States, there have been debates about when this education should begin. High school? Middle school? Elementary school? Should there even be schools devoted to technical education at all? The Atlantic explains that “there can still be a stigma attached to vocational education, left […]

Celebrating Manufacturing with Manufacturing Awareness Week

There are a lot of reasons why kids love school. For students at Robeson Community College (RCC) in Lumberton, North Carolina, they are especially appreciative of their school because the school gave them to opportunity to catch a glimpse at the future of manufacturing. Interactive activities, like magnetic racetracks, virtual welding software, and even robots, […]

When It Comes to Manufacturing, Career Options are Endless

Not everyone goes into college, university, high school, or technical school knowing exactly what they want to study. If a student is really lucky (or just really ahead of the game), they’ll know what they want to do after they finish their 2+ years of school. Going to school to eventually work in manufacturing can […]

NElovesPS: “Ready to Work” Airing Tomorrow at 8PM

It should be pretty clear by now that we’re not the only ones who are interested in getting our youth educated about manufacturing and the skilled trades. From organizations like Dream It Do It Nebraska, to the national organization Mike Rowe Works, there are a lot of people and organizations out there who are helping […]