Nebraska VR Helps Rehabilitate and Revitalize Workforce

If you are disabled, a senior citizen who has outlived your retirement savings, a person who’s injured from a previous work experience, a veteran wounded in war, or a teen or youth with a mental or physical disability, the Nebraska VR is here to help you. Take this story recently reported by the Columbus Telegram, […]

OCT Pipe to Bring 180 Jobs to Norfolk

Oh boy, this is one of the headlines that makes our day the moment—no, the second we read it. If you haven’t heard of OCT Pipe, a corporation owned by O&G Partners, you’re about to hear some more, especially if you live in Norfolk, Nebraska. Yesterday, during a 45-minute press conference at the Norfolk Area […]

Manufacturers In Nebraska: Industrial Maid

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many manufacturers in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. It’s been about a month since we featured our last outstanding Nebraska […]

Recapping Nebraska’s 2015 Rural Futures Conference

If you were at the Lincoln Innovation Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture this past weekend, you may have noticed a little more buzz surrounding the schools than usual. That’s because both institutions were host sites for the 2015 Rural Futures Conference, the third annual event hosted by […]

3 Nebraska Manufacturing Facilities That Also Happen to Be Tourist Destinations

In honor of the Nebraska Tourism Conference hosted this week in Columbus, NE., we’d like to showcase some spots throughout the state that work a double duty. They’re manufacturers and producers, as well as tourist destinations in themselves. Tourism is the third-leading profiteer from outside the state after agriculture and manufacturing, says NBC Nebraska, so […]

What Is Nebraska Best At? Take a Look…

Yesterday, writer Kurt Badenhousen from Forbes reported that although there seems to be a general dissatisfaction with the economic environment in America, there are a few states that seem to be doing just fine. “There are parts of the U.S. that are thriving thanks to strong workforces, low business costs, and pro-business regulatory environments,” said […]

Education Spotlight: STEM at Small Nebraska Colleges

It’s easy to see that in Nebraska, the larger universities can sometimes steal the spotlight. After all, we are tremendously lucky to have institutions like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, or even Creighton University, located here and doing outstanding work with Nebraska education. However, this means that some of the smaller colleges […]

Know Your Options for Transferring Schools In Nebraska

These days, it isn’t very unusual for a student to begin at one university or transfer to another. Many students take advantage of completing their general education at a community college, and transferring those credits to a different university to save some time and money. This makes complete sense. Sometimes, you aren’t quite sure until […]

3 STEM Scholarships and Grants to Look Out For

STEM is what one could call a “buzzword” these days: It’s the word on everyone’s tongues as a way to change the trajectory of America’s economy and educational system. As UNL Chancellor Perlman said in his State of the University address last month, engineering, computer science, software engineering, and computer science programs are integral to […]