The Nebraska Manufacturing Advisory Council (NeMAC) acts as an industry-driven advocate and advisor to Nebraska state agencies and leadership in maximizing our global competitiveness in manufacturing. The council will provide a forum for discussion industry related problems and resolutions and will be a voice for Nebraska manufacturers to strengthen the states’ second largest economic driver.

The following strategic initiatives have been identified by the council as priorities-

  • Education: Create and support STEM opportunities for junior and senior high school students focused on manufacturing occupations, particularly in rural areas; build the manufacturing talent pipeline in Nebraska schools; provide a more positive image regarding manufacturing in Nebraska to students, parents, and teachers; proactively reach out to share information about career opportunities available in manufacturing; promotion of zero debt upon completion of education.
  • Legislation: Understand legislative issues affecting manufacturers as well as education and/or labor; identify key issues facing manufacturing in Nebraska and coordinate with public sector partners to work resolutions; invite public sector partners to provide information that is beneficial to our business (i.e. health care reform, tax incentives, training opportunities, education, etc.)
  • Industry Collaboration: Collaborate with Next Generation Industry Partnerships; provide facility and plant tours.
  • Workforce: Impact the image of manufacturing in Nebraska as a career destination