Tethon 3D Saves the World, One 3D Ceramic Print at a Time

Back in 2014, we wrote about Omaha’s first ceramic printing startup, Tethon 3D. A year later, we’re proud to report that this Nebraska owned and operated company is not only flourishing, but may even be a piece in the puzzle to saving oceanic ecosystems. They’ve applied for a patent to create stronger-than-ever ceramics and designed […]

How Nebraskans Are Working to Prevent Food Waste

Global warming, tainted water, air pollution, fossil fuel consumption, overpopulation, deforestation—it seems that human relationships with the earth are more fraught than ever. The ways in which we encounter our environment can no longer be taken for granted, and many of these conversations are controversial. However, today we’d like to highlight an issue in sustainability […]

3 Women Making Waves In Male-Dominated Manufacturing Occupations

A buzzword in the manufacturing industry today is the “gender gap”: the disparity between males and females in manufacturing occupations throughout the United States. That’s not to say that there aren’t female-dominated occupations, because there certainly are, but manufacturing has traditionally been construed as a male-dominated occupation. And with some of these statistics from Catalyst’s […]

3 Ways to Find Out If a Manufacturing Career Is Right for You

We hate to break it to you, but there is no perfect job. In the Harvard Business Review, John Lees explains that “when people think about getting their ideal role, they’re falling into an all-or-nothing trap. It’s a kind of challenge to the universe—give me everything now, or leave me alone. Which of course reveals […]

Manufacturers That Do More Than Manufacture

There are plenty of myths about manufacturing out there, but some of them are more harmful than just the assumption that factories are dingy, dark emporiums of smoky Industrial Revolution-esque gloom. In a recent Omaha World-Herald opinion piece about how skilled jobs require skilled workers, the problem was summed up by this quote from Penny […]

This Year, STEM Toys For Girls May Be Under The Tree

This year, two conflicting trends seem to be pulling retailers in either direction. Fortune reports that retailers are discarding “boys” and “girls” labels on toys, instead leaning towards gender neutrality—toys that can fit for either gender. For example, on Halloween costumes, lunch boxes, backpacks, and other children’s accessories, Disney Stores labeled them as “kids” rather […]

Nebraska Companies Gone Global

There’s nothing wrong with being a Nebraska company that markets their products locally. As you know, we’re fans of any locally-made product. And as far as purchasing power goes, a state with agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism as its top three industries is certainly poised for a bustling state-level economy. However, Nebraskans can, and should, feel […]

Meet 3 Manufacturers With Outstanding Employee Wellness Programs

This year, it seemed to be the fashion for retailers not to participate in Black Friday: Think REI’s #optoutside campaign, for example. (If you aren’t familiar with their Black Friday turn-of-the tables, you can read more about it here!) Another manufacturer who circumvented the traditional Black Friday consumerism is manufacturer and retailer Everlane, already distinct […]

Midwest Manufacturers Know Their Snow Removal

It’s officially December, and Winter Storm Delphi is here to remind us of that. This week, the Midwest will be hit with up to a foot of snow, snow showers, sleet, and icy rainfall that will bring plenty of material for making snowmen. Seven Midwest states will be greeted with these conditions, including parts of […]

Footwear Manufacturers Step Up Their Game

Have you ever stopped to think about where your favorite sneakers or stylish high heels come from? As it turns out, it may have required over 150 people to build those small pieces of fashion and function. This week, the Motley Fool reported that a quarterly call with Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank revealed that […]