Manufacturers In Nebraska: Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many manufacturers in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. Milt, an electrician celebrating 50 years of service with the company said […]

3 Reasons University Education May Not Be for You

It’s the time of year when students are beginning to frantically check their mailboxes for college acceptance letters. A common American myth is that a university education is imperative to success in life. The truth is, there are many successful people with bachelor’s degrees, but there are many successful people without them, too. Part of […]

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Manufacturing Jobs

The internet is the best job-seeking tool ever invented, right? As it turns out, the manufacturing industry was fairly late to the game when it came to social media. For most skilled workers looking for manufacturing jobs, LinkedIn or other social networks would be the last places to look on a job search. However, while […]

Be Prepared: 3 Questions to Expect During a Manufacturing Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful, no matter how comfortable you feel about the position. That’s why there are entire classes, workshops, and books for jobseekers who have finally made it to the coveted interview stage. Once you’re there, the face-to-face conversation can make or break your future at the company, so you should never walk […]

Smeal Fire Apparatus Doubles Workforce at Neligh Plant; Now Hiring Skilled Workers

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. is one of the Nebraska manufacturers we’ve been following closely for many years, watching proudly as in March of 2014, the company was chosen from a host of applicants to provide a new engine for the Lincoln Fire Department (you can see the full blog post here). In August of 2014, […]

Meet 3 Manufacturers With Outstanding Employee Wellness Programs

This year, it seemed to be the fashion for retailers not to participate in Black Friday: Think REI’s #optoutside campaign, for example. (If you aren’t familiar with their Black Friday turn-of-the tables, you can read more about it here!) Another manufacturer who circumvented the traditional Black Friday consumerism is manufacturer and retailer Everlane, already distinct […]

High-Tech Lovers Can Find a Niche in Nebraska

One of the phrases commonly thrown around in connection with manufacturing is “high-tech.” And in case you haven’t yet heard, Nebraska is about to witness a birth of high-tech jobs in Kearney as a federal program turns the city into a “hotspot for jobs of the future.” NTV reports that Kearney is one of 21 […]

How Can Vets Translate Military Skills to Civilian Careers

Chad Storlie holds an MBA and is the Director of Interline Equipment and Equipment Management of Union Pacific Railroad’s Car Management department. In addition to his job with Union Pacific, the Nebraskan is an adjunct marketing instructor in Creighton University’s Heider College of Business and has taught Principles of Marketing since 2005. He loves working […]

Five Popular Segments for Careers In Manufacturing

Let’s say you don’t know anything about manufacturing: Zip, zero, zilch. However, maybe you’ve heard about the Renaissance of American manufacturing: the transition from gloomy factory jobs of the Industrial Revolution to the reality of modern-day manufacturing jobs that are well-paying, require skilled workers, and can be fulfilling and incredibly important careers. Where do you […]

Introducing the Community College Gap Assistance Program

The Lincoln Journal-Star makes a good point: High school graduates seeking professional certificates or training in nondegree programs cannot apply for aid from federal or state governments. Compared to the aid available for students on a university track, these students face a steep financial climb if they want to boost their skills, find on-the-job training, […]