What You Need to Know About the Transportation Innovation Act

On April 18th, Governor Pete Ricketts signed a $450 million act, also known as LB960 and fully readable here, as a result of the combined efforts of the Nebraska Department of Roads, the Nebraska legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, and the Governor’s office. As you know from previous posts on our blog, transportation and logistics […]

In Nebraska, Maker Spaces Boom Across the State

Are you interested in learning how to use modern manufacturing technologies, like 3D printing and laser cutting? Do you love designing with 3D modeling? Are you a coding or robotics aficionado? Do you love the idea of becoming proficient in metalworking or woodworking? These are just some of the tools and skills available in Lincoln, […]

Smeal Fire Apparatus Doubles Workforce at Neligh Plant; Now Hiring Skilled Workers

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. is one of the Nebraska manufacturers we’ve been following closely for many years, watching proudly as in March of 2014, the company was chosen from a host of applicants to provide a new engine for the Lincoln Fire Department (you can see the full blog post here). In August of 2014, […]

3 Benefits of Living In a Rural Community

A few weeks ago, we recapped Nebraska’s 2015 Rural Futures Conference here on the blog. It seems as if these days, there’s articles and posts and speeches everywhere denoting why rural communities are so important to Nebraska’s economic growth. At the conference, Governor Pete Ricketts said that our strong agricultural industry is a cultural factor […]

What Is Nebraska Best At? Take a Look…

Yesterday, writer Kurt Badenhousen from Forbes reported that although there seems to be a general dissatisfaction with the economic environment in America, there are a few states that seem to be doing just fine. “There are parts of the U.S. that are thriving thanks to strong workforces, low business costs, and pro-business regulatory environments,” said […]

The Future Is Bright For Nebraska Sports Tech Startups

Log onto your computer, and connect immediately with hunting and fishing events in your area. Find athletes, pitch deals, and sign with agents in the blink of an eye. Earn free rewards on the golf course by downloading an app. Enter racecar data into an iPad for real-time tracking and inventory management. If you love […]

What Do Nanoscience and Nebraska Have In Common?

If you haven’t strolled into the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience lately, you may be unaware that Nebraska is home to one of the premier nanoscience and nanotechnology research facilities in the world. Even if you are aware of it, you might not be entirely sure what nanoscience and nanotechnology entails, and you’re not […]

Celebrating Nebraska’s Manufacturing Past

“Every person in Nebraska knows that this state is one of the leading agricultural states of the Union, that in wealth per capita she is one of the first and that her public school system is second to none. Yet how little is known of the manufacturers. How many people know that the annual output […]

Airbus Brings 20 New Jobs to Minden

“When it comes to small businesses making high-tech parts, we’d be hard-pressed to think of a better example than Royal Engineered Composites. They may be based in a small town in Nebraska, but their capabilities and facility are anything but small.”   It was back in 2013 that we featured Royal Engineered Composites as part […]

Get Your Tickets Now for TEDx Lincoln!

We’re big fans of the TED organization, and have posted before about the best TED talks for anyone interested in manufacturing. In October, though, TED fans can take their love one step further by attending the conference right here in Lincoln, Nebraska: TEDxLincoln. TEDx events began in 2008 to provide a more local, self-organized way […]