Smeal Fire Apparatus Doubles Workforce at Neligh Plant; Now Hiring Skilled Workers

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. is one of the Nebraska manufacturers we’ve been following closely for many years, watching proudly as in March of 2014, the company was chosen from a host of applicants to provide a new engine for the Lincoln Fire Department (you can see the full blog post here). In August of 2014, […]

Fire Trucks, Agriculture and Software: Nebraska Manufacturers Continue Growth

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing manufacturing in Nebraska continue to expand. Granted, that’s not always the case. No matter how perfect a place is, there is never a guarantee that a business, even a manufacturer will be successful. Plants close all the time, and layoffs and bankruptcy do happen– that’s just life. However, for […]

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. Expands Production

Back in March, we covered specialty company Smeal Fire Apparatus Co., recently hired by the Lincoln Fire Department to manufacture a new truck for the city, which will be released this fall. We were (and very much still are) happy to see cities in Nebraska utilizing our own fantastic manufacturers to fill their needs. And […]

Lincoln Fire Department Goes In-State for New Fire Engine

If you thought buying your first car was a big decision, Lincoln Fire Chief John Huff can help put things in perspective. As he signs the check for nearly $330,000 to purchase a new fire engine for the city of Lincoln, Huff recalls the tumultuous time when the city purchased seven engines in 2006. Under […]