What’s New in 3D Printing: Spring 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve done an update on what’s actually current in 3D printing, although currency seems to shift with every passing day. In this update, for example, 3D printed fruit, makeup, and houses were all fairly new developments (and that was just last May!) Every day brings new advancements and creations from […]

What’s Really Important: Pearls of Wisdom from Mike Rowe

A “blue-collar hero” and generally outstanding guy, Mike Rowe is one of our go-to guys for advice on all things sensible, including manufacturing, following your dreams, hard work, and more. He’s worked tirelessly to draw attention to the plight of the manufacturing industry in its need for workers, and how working smart and hard can […]

Nebraska, Where’s the Beef?

We’re a Great Plains State, after all: Hence, cattle and beef production is vital to the Nebraska economy in a plethora of ways. In fact, Nebraska has the top three “cow counties” in the nation, and cattle production is the state’s single largest industry. This means income for businesses in towns across the entire state, […]

Baldwin Filters Completes Exciting Expansion in Kearney

It’s always an exciting time when companies grow and expand outside their existing location. This means more jobs, (most likely) more business, and an uptick in commerce within the geographical area. Off East U.S. Highway 30, this process is currently happening as Baldwin Filters prepares to complete their two-year, $40 million dollar expansion. According to […]

Manufacturers in Nebraska: Foundation Supportworks, Inc.

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many names in manufacturing in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. This company made the previously mentioned list of top companies […]

High School Career Academies Prevalent in Nebraska

Career academies aren’t a new tradition in America, or even Nebraska, for that matter. The Omaha World-Herald’s history claims that academies actually go back as far as 45 years, first designed for students at risk of dropping out in order to give them marketable skills and increase their chance of graduation. Today, they serve a different […]

Top Companies in Nebraska on the Inc. 5000 List

Each year, the Inc. 5000 List recognizes the most quickly growing private companies in America. In 1982, they introduced the Inc. 500 list, but it’s since grown up to 5000 names in order to give readers a better understanding of the current entrepreneurial landscape. From Pandora to 7 Eleven, Zipcar to Zappos, some of the […]

Beatrice High School Gets 3D Printer

According to the Beatrice Daily Sun, two weeks ago, Beatrice High School purchased their first 3D printer. After a request from Media Specialist Carol Oltman and Skilled and Technical Sciences teacher Charles Brockman, the printer was purchased two weeks ago. And apparently, it’s successful thus far: “Whenever it’s on, kids are around it. We want […]

Duncan Aviation Approved for Safe Manufacturing

If you keep up with the news, you’ll notice that there have been no shortage of plane-related incidents, especially in the last year. Some are due to mistakes or weather, but regardless, crashes are becoming an everyday occurrence in some parts of the world. In 2013, a personal plane crashed near Parkers Prairie. Just this […]

Changes Coming to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

From the literary naturalist Loren Eiseley to geneticist George Beadle and engineer Harold Edgerton, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has always produced successful figures in the engineering, science, and technology fields. And as one of the leading teaching institutions in Nebraska, as well as a prominent research leader, the school has always paved the path in […]