Welcome, Technology Association of Nebraska!

If you start seeing a new acronym being used in your local newspaper, TAN, it isn’t because the state of Nebraska has begun to work on its summer glow. In fact, the work that TAN does is entirely indoors. The Technology Association of Nebraska is the state’s newest venture to supplement the technology workforce and […]

How the Long-Term Unemployed Can Market Themselves for Success

The most recent report on long-term unemployment was not inspiring. Despite job growth and increased labor force participation, the number of Americans stuck in long-term unemployment “did not budge despite the robust job growth,” according to James Sherk. “In February, 2.2 million unemployed workers had been searching for work for at least six months. In […]

How Manufacturers Can Become More Involved In Education

It’s a pretty common reply to questions about manufacturing problems: The solution to the shortage of skilled workers is to create partnerships between actual manufacturers and schools. With more and better communication, manufacturers will be able to ensure that they have a workforce coming down the pipeline; they can spread the word about the amazing […]

STEM Teachers: The Other Skills Gap

We discuss the skills gap on the blog fairly often, and that’s because the shortage of skilled workers to fill manufacturing positions across the country is a tremendously important inhibitor to manufacturing growth. However, there’s another skills gap that isn’t discussed as frequently, and that is the teacher skills gap. As programs to develop the […]

How Manufacturing Can Save the Economy

Drew Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel, recently noted that manufacturing truly has the potential to help save the economy. However, there are some key gaps that are preventing that from being able to happen. In an article for Inc., he identified some of the spots that make it difficult for manufacturing to truly, really make […]

Manufacturing Has an Image Problem

Lawyer, firefighter, surgeon, police officer: There’s certainly career niches that are easy for little kids to pinpoint and say, I want to be “that” when I grow up. On the other hand, though, many kids don’t grow up knowing that they want to be a welder, an information technician, or the manager of a manufacturing […]

What’s Really Important: Pearls of Wisdom from Mike Rowe

A “blue-collar hero” and generally outstanding guy, Mike Rowe is one of our go-to guys for advice on all things sensible, including manufacturing, following your dreams, hard work, and more. He’s worked tirelessly to draw attention to the plight of the manufacturing industry in its need for workers, and how working smart and hard can […]

Manufacturing Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word

What comes to mind when you think of the word manufacturing? For many people, it’s this set of images: Low-skilled labor Physically draining work Dirty, grease-stained workplaces A male-dominated workforce No diversity Gloomy, dimly lit factories Minimal wages with no benefits Lack of passion or opportunity– just a daily grind No workplace camaraderie Poor working […]

Why Do Students Leave STEM?

The skills gap isn’t the only problem in the United States these days– worrisome statistics regarding SLS, Students Leaving STEM, is a massive issue at educational institutions across the county. According to a late 2014 report, it was revealed that 48% of bachelor’s degree students who entered STEM fields between 2003 and 2009 have left. […]

Obama Proposes Two Free Years of Community College

After announcing new initiatives this year to strengthen manufacturing, it’s been clear that the United States is headed toward a trend of supporting goals to reduce the skills gap in 2015. Back in October, President Obama presented some goals to enhance American manufacturing, including enabling innovation and expanding the workforce. Most notably, he made it […]