3 Ways to Get Kids Excited About STEM

IT and technology infrastructure company Cognizant has an interesting theory when it comes to STEM education. Their principles of education emphasize the maker approach, operating from the assumption that when it comes to getting kids to pursue STEM careers, being good at science is much less important than being interested in science. So, they see […]

3 Reasons to Enroll In After-School Programs

Elementary school, middle school, and high school students have long days, lots of homework, and extracurricular activities on hand. Few would argue that students have too much time on their hands. However, there’s no doubt that spending extracurricular time in after-school programs is not only helpful, it’s important for youths, families, and communities. According to […]

4 Opportunities to Hone Your STEM Skills In 2016

Somehow, it’s already March (time flies when you’re having fun, right?), which means that it’s time to begin planning for summer and the rest of 2016. How will you take advantage of those precious summer months? For many students, summer break is the time to enjoy enrichment opportunities that may not be possible during the […]

How Manufacturers Can Become More Involved In Education

It’s a pretty common reply to questions about manufacturing problems: The solution to the shortage of skilled workers is to create partnerships between actual manufacturers and schools. With more and better communication, manufacturers will be able to ensure that they have a workforce coming down the pipeline; they can spread the word about the amazing […]

STEM Trends: Innovation Transcends Good Grades

An inherent part of secondary education is grades. From A-F, the majority of school systems place some value on what grades a student receives, using them as an indication of intelligence and potential future success. However, recent studies have shown that innovation is not only not linked to good grades, but in fact, there might […]

3 Trends In STEM Education You Need to Know About

Just like fashion or food, education follows trends and patterns. These trends don’t change on a seasonal basis, like fashion, or depend on agricultural production, like food, but it’s certainly important to be aware of what’s happening in STEM education on a macro scale. From STEM to STEAM to everything in between, there’s been a […]

Education Spotlight: STEM at Small Nebraska Colleges

It’s easy to see that in Nebraska, the larger universities can sometimes steal the spotlight. After all, we are tremendously lucky to have institutions like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska-Omaha, or even Creighton University, located here and doing outstanding work with Nebraska education. However, this means that some of the smaller colleges […]

3 STEM Scholarships and Grants to Look Out For

STEM is what one could call a “buzzword” these days: It’s the word on everyone’s tongues as a way to change the trajectory of America’s economy and educational system. As UNL Chancellor Perlman said in his State of the University address last month, engineering, computer science, software engineering, and computer science programs are integral to […]

“Hard Hats and Heels” Trains Future Generation of Nebraska Engineers

It’s a co-ed camp, but one of Central Community College’s primary goals was to enlist female high school students to participate in “Hard Hats and Heels.” The summer camp, hosted by CCC and the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI), enrolled eight females and seven males to participate during the month of July. The educational experience […]

FIRST Makes STEM Exciting for Students

When most kids and teens think about what jazzes them, what excites them, what makes them eager to wake up in the morning, the answer is rarely “math class!” or “science class!” With the exception of a rare, small, subsection of students, math and science are more often thought of as boring or tedious. Times […]