How Manufacturers Can Become More Involved In Education

It’s a pretty common reply to questions about manufacturing problems: The solution to the shortage of skilled workers is to create partnerships between actual manufacturers and schools. With more and better communication, manufacturers will be able to ensure that they have a workforce coming down the pipeline; they can spread the word about the amazing […]

‘Tis the Season: Attend Upcoming Job Fairs In Nebraska

“‘Tis the season” usually refers to an abundance of holiday decor and good cheer that comes around November and, but we’d like to shift that phrase to a different context today. It may be the beginning of the holiday season come November, but it’s also hitting the mid-point in the year where December graduates are […]

Beatrice Companies Are Opening Their Doors for Manufacturing Day

grain silo There are only two more days until National Manufacturing Day on October 2! You can read more about the day here, but it’s been tremendously exciting watching our favorite manufacturers amp up for the big day. The @mfgday Twitter account is a great one to follow to stay updated on information and events: […]