Now You Know: Blazer Manufacturing

Have you ever heard of Blazer Manufacturing? If not, you’re not alone– and frankly, they didn’t really want you to. Blazer is a leading athletic equipment manufacturer with operations in Fremont that has literally been flying under the radar for decades: They were founded in 1974, and only recently appeared on the scene as they’ve […]

4 Benefits of Attending Community College

Why should you take the time to go to a community college? It can sometimes be difficult to make the jump to higher education, even if it’s a community college rather than a university. Especially for those considering careers in technical or skilled fields, it might seem just fine to head straight into the workforce– […]

FIRST Makes STEM Exciting for Students

When most kids and teens think about what jazzes them, what excites them, what makes them eager to wake up in the morning, the answer is rarely “math class!” or “science class!” With the exception of a rare, small, subsection of students, math and science are more often thought of as boring or tedious. Times […]

Just In Time: 3D Printing Saves the Day!

One of the main benefits of the 3D printing process is the speed at which the printers can produce parts, products, and more. Especially as printers become increasingly quick to convert designs into reality (see “What if 3D Printing Became 100x Faster?”), all sorts of industries are finding new and exciting ways to use the manufacturing […]

Manufacturers In Nebraska: Humboldt Specialty Manufacturing

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many names in manufacturing in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. There are some really amazing contract manufacturers in the state […]

Kearney Makes List of Best Places for Millennials!

In a recent list by credit blogger NerdWallet, Kearney, Nebraska made the top ten as one of the best places for millennials to embark on the job hunt in the Midwest! As a whole, the Midwest is one of the best regions to find employment in the first place: The unemployment rate is consistently lower, […]

Omaha Gives! 2015: Support Nebraska Nonprofits

Today is an important day for the city of Omaha, because it’s Omaha Gives!: A 24-hour giveathon in which citizens of Omaha can donate funds to support their favorite local nonprofits. In order to even be considered for this giveathon, organizations must be a legitimate and registered nonprofit and must create a profile on the […]

Education Spotlight: Welding at Western Nebraska Community College

We’ve highlighted welding and machine shop technology at Mid-Plains Community College on the blog before, but lucky for us, there’s more than one outstanding place to get an education in welding in the state of Nebraska. Welding is a hugely growing, dynamic field with plenty of opportunity for growth and an incredibly lucrative career. In […]

What’s Brewing In Nebraska

Put down your Bud Light, and instead, reach for one of these homegrown beers from Nebraska’s outstanding breweries. Breweries and microbreweries around the state grow hops in one of the 12 acres of hops fields in Nebraska, process, package, and provide to the public for their drinking delight. It’s a unique variety of manufacturing, and […]

Manufacturing Luxury

Rolls Royce Corp. is one of the advanced manufacturing behemoths of the world. Their portfolio is absolutely gigantic, encompassing jet engines, cars, and more. Lately, they’ve been experimenting with developing a new convertible, that they recently named publicly for the very first time. The name of the car is “Dawn,” modeled after an exclusive cabriolet, […]