4 Benefits of Attending Community College

community-college-gradWhy should you take the time to go to a community college? It can sometimes be difficult to make the jump to higher education, even if it’s a community college rather than a university.

Especially for those considering careers in technical or skilled fields, it might seem just fine to head straight into the workforce– and it certainly is, in many cases. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with heading into a career you love that pays good money and will provide you with a fulfilling life.

The problem is, that some of these careers aren’t always accessible without some type of higher degree, or you can just make more money with an associate’s degree from a great community college. Luckily, there are some of these incredible community colleges located throughout Nebraska.

Here are four benefits of attending community college. Keep in mind that no one’s path is the same, and we endorse doing whatever you believe to be right for you. However, if you have been considering attending a community college, now may be time to take the jump!

1. Time: Time is valuable, there’s no doubt about it, and the old adage “time is money” rings true in almost every situation we can think of! Community colleges generally have flexible schedules and offer night classes for those who work during the day.

2. College and Career Readiness: If you want some extra help before heading to a university for a bachelor’s degree, many community colleges (like Metropolitan Community College, for example) offer degrees in general studies or business administration. You can take general education credits that will help you in applications for future education, or simply give you solid ground for a career.

3. Cost: Community colleges actively work to help their students attend, and some of Nebraska’s colleges try very hard to do this– in fact, Western Nebraska Community College was ranked in the Top 50 Most Affordable Community Colleges for 2015! Their financial aid disburses more than $4 million in aid each academic year, including scholarships and earnings from work study. There are plenty of ways to lessen the cost and reduce your debt.

4. Location: normally have a variety of locations to help their students succeed: Metropolitan Community College has an applied technology center, they also have an Elkhorn Valley Campus, Fort Omaha Campus, Fremont Area Center, MCC Express, Sarpy Center, South Omaha Campus, and Washington County Technology Center. If you’re unable to leave your house but still want an education, many community colleges offer online programs or degrees. This isn’t as applicable for many technical programs that offer hands-on experience, but it is for some.

These are just a few of the benefits, but there are many other wonderful reasons to attend community college. Questions? Comments? Leave them in the section below, anytime!

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