Welcome to Nebraska, Fortigen!

These days, Governor Pete Ricketts has a busy schedule. After all, when you’re tasked with welcoming new manufacturers to Nebraska, there’s no shortage of openings and groundbreaking ceremonies to attend. We wrote earlier about the Norland plant expansion, and now it’s time to celebrate more business headed to our state. Just last week, Ricketts attended […]

Norland Expansion Is the Talk of the Town

Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Norland International is one of those companies that manufactures products we tend to take for granted. From water bottles to treatment tanks, storage systems, and more, Norland is the manufacturer who brings bottled water to customers in a safe, efficient, and timely manner. The next time you take a swig from […]

Which Manufacturers Are the Best to Work For?

Each year, Fortune Magazine releases a carefully compiled list of the 100 best companies to work for. How do they determine which companies those are? Is it all dependent on perks and salary? Author Robert Levering notes that “eye-popping perks are only the tip of the iceberg. What really makes a workplace a great place […]

Holdrege Voted the Happiest Place to Live In Nebraska

What’s the happiest city in Nebraska? Well, if you’ve ever been to the small city of Holdrege, Nebraska, population 5,506, you just might have witnessed the town residents walking around with beaming smiles on their faces. Recently, career advisory company Zippia released their rankings of the 49 places in Nebraska with more than 2,000 people […]

What You Need to Know About Working for a Family-Owned Manufacturer

Okay, prepare for your heart to melt: Over 870 students celebrated Ag Day in Grand Island this year, reports NBC, traveling to see the realities of their agricultural community. You can watch the video at the link above—there were an awful lot of touching realizations about the importance of agriculture in their communities. “I enjoy […]

David City, Nebraska Prepares for Growth

Have you ever heard of David City, Nebraska? The little metropolis is not what one would call a “massive” city, boasting a population of 2,906 at the 2010 census. It’s grown a bit since then, but it still hovers at “nearly 3,000,” according to the Columbus Telegram. However, the little city is poised for a […]

Tech Hire Nebraska Aims to Revitalize IT Talent Pool

From sports writer to teacher to restaurant manager, many Nebraskans have taken on the challenge of switching their career from the aforementioned paths to an IT position. Why switch to Information Technology? Well, one recent survey showed that IT careers top the list of industries offering the highest compensation and most number of jobs to […]

You Can “Manufacture” That? A Look at How Tea Is Made

This post is the first in a series we’ll be doing on products that aren’t commonly associated with manufacturing in its most traditional sense. When we think of manufacturing, we often think of dirty, dusty factories with industrial workers like Lucille Ball churning out product faster than their bodies can actually move. In reality, manufacturing […]

How Cleary Building Corp. Sold 100,000 Buildings

Even when the manufacturing environment is positive, it’s still no piece of cake to make it as a small manufacturer. While there are certainly jobs to be had, no manufacturer will tell you that success comes easy; Nebraska manufacturers work long and hard, and they dedicate many hours to the success of their companies. So, […]