New Years Resolutions for Manufacturing

The Daily Finance reported a few New Year’s Resolutions for manufacturing in 2015: Resolutions are always a great way to think about goals on a broader scale than we generally do on a daily basis, and at least keep some of those hopes in the back of our minds. On that note, here’s our list […]

Nebraska Manufacturer in the Running for High Speed Train

Manufacturing is an industry in which the makers are constantly attempting to top themselves– to create something more spectacular, more innovative, and more useful to humanity than anything that currently exists. Think, for example, about the industry of transportation. Walking, to wooden carts, to horses, to trains, to automobiles to planes, to spaceships: The way […]

Medical Innovation in 3D Printing: Baby Thrives with 3D Windpipe

We’ve talked about some of the cool products being printed by 3D printers on the blog before, but it’s pretty hard to beat those 3D printed items that can save a life, restore mobility, or ease the pain of those in suffering. It goes without saying that one of the unexpected, yet wonderful things about […]

Breaking It Down: STEM

We talk a lot about STEM on the blog (or even STEAM, depending on what camp you’re in). A common question from those who aren’t familiar with STEM is regarding just this: are science, technology, engineering, and math, all really in the same camp? Do they require the same skills? And does this type of […]

Manufacturers in Nebraska: Nebraska Electronic Design Manufacturing

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many names in manufacturing in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. Because, of course, we live in Nebraska, we cover plenty […]

Manufacturing for Good

There are a wide variety of companies across America that work to use our outstanding manufacturing abilities for good– for example, with the sale of each product, donating one to somebody else. This increasingly positive attitude towards manufacturing-turned-philanthropy is one of the ways that someone looking to make a difference in the world can do […]

America Gets Creative: the Winners of the 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge

Back in October, the White House announced 3D-printed ornament challenge. In an effort to get Makers more involved in government, the White House allowed people the chance to show off their skills. The best part was that you didn’t have to be experienced in 3D design or need a 3D printer—it really was a great […]

Keeping Up with Manufacturing in Nebraska

If you’re reading this blog, that’s already a great step towards understanding the new face of manufacturing in the Midwest, and keeping up with the latest news on Nebraskan manufacturers: all things STEM, education, and careers in a wide variety of industries. It’s important stuff, people! So on this pre-holiday Friday, we wanted to make […]

No Way, That’s Manufactured Here?!

We highlight cool manufacturers in Nebraska in a pretty frequent series; there’s plenty that exist, and many that most people aren’t aware of. There are some hidden manufacturing gems in this awesome state of ours, and in those tiny towns off I-80, amazing things are being designed and made by Nebraskans. Here’s the thing: there’s […]

Career Pathways Institute to Welcome Adult Learners

We’ve highlighted the Career Pathways Institute in Grand Island on the blog before, notably for its spot on our list of educational partners specifically geared to be a middle school and high school technical program. The CPI is fairly new, and just opened its doors to the inaugural class of learners in 2013. Students involved […]