Why Manufacturers Are Investing In Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is certainly a challenge for many manufacturers and designers: How do you create something that’s aesthetically pleasing while impeccably functional? From sport watches to fitness trackers, rings, pendants, smart clothing, and more, the wearables industry is trying to put its finger on just what will appeal to consumers. Even if you haven’t realized […]

Medical Innovation in 3D Printing: Baby Thrives with 3D Windpipe

We’ve talked about some of the cool products being printed by 3D printers on the blog before, but it’s pretty hard to beat those 3D printed items that can save a life, restore mobility, or ease the pain of those in suffering. It goes without saying that one of the unexpected, yet wonderful things about […]

President Obama Announces Two New Manufacturing Hubs

If there were one thing you could do to create to kickstart the ongoing education and construction of manufacturing–how it works or how helpful it is to society–what would you create? Where would you create it? For President Obama, the answer to that question is a series of manufacturing institutes. In 2013, President Obama announced […]