Inaugural NeMAC Signing Day a Success

Media Release: Gov. Ricketts Hosts NeMAC Signing Day Event LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts and members of the Nebraska Manufacturing Advisory Council (NeMAC) gathered to announce college scholarship recipients at “NeMAC Signing Day.”  Signing Day is the culmination of an inaugural program created to promote in-state manufacturing careers and STEM education among Nebraska youth. […]

Nebraska: Home to Great Startups On the Silicon Prairie

Nebraska is finally making waves as one of the top STEM and technology hubs in the United States. Last month, WalletHub conducted a survey ranking geographical shifts in U.S. employment, according to digital reporter Seth Augenstein. Many of the usual suspects were still ranked high as the best metro areas for STEM jobs: Silicon Valley […]

Crowdsourcing Cattle: The Newest Beef Production Craze

“I grew up on an Angus cattle ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills, and loved every minute of it,” says Honest Beef Co. founder Hannah Raudsepp. “I loved the work, the open spaces, the small schools, the people: all of it. Beef was included in at least one meal throughout the day, and I took for […]

Welcome, Technology Association of Nebraska!

If you start seeing a new acronym being used in your local newspaper, TAN, it isn’t because the state of Nebraska has begun to work on its summer glow. In fact, the work that TAN does is entirely indoors. The Technology Association of Nebraska is the state’s newest venture to supplement the technology workforce and […]

Why 3D Printing and Tiny Houses Go Hand In Hand

Particularly if you’re interested in architecture or housing, you have most likely heard of the Tiny House Movement, an architectural phenomenon celebrating the value and ingenuity (as well as the sustainability!) of small homes. As CNBC explains, the United States is in the throes of “a boom in specialty housing… spurred in part by the […]

Reinke Manufacturing Company Partners With NCTA

Back in 2014, we covered the announcement when local manufacturer Reinke Manufacturing (you can read more here) decided to partner with the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. The goal? To speed up the pipeline of irrigation technicians, of which there was a major shortage in the industry. Now, students at NCTA can pursue the Reinke […]

3 Obstacles to the Growth of 3D Printing

While we’re edging closer and closer to the proliferation of 3D printing in daily life, most homes today do not have 3D printers crafting new dinnerware or shoes at the touch of a button. Ornaments, sure, and even some cool phone cases or work with prosthetics are being manufactured using additive processes, but we aren’t […]

They Built a Car? Student Engineers Compete In Lincoln This June

College students looking for hands-on learning opportunities in manufacturing and design will be hard-pressed to find a better test of their abilities than building a car. SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, holds competitions each year for what may be the most involved engineering project students can possibly do. For the SAE Collegiate Design Competitions, […]

Could Manufacturers Help Eliminate Traffic Jams?

For anyone who’s ever driven a car during rush hour, traffic is one of those odd and awful mysteries. Sometimes, when highway traffic slows to a standstill, there’s a good reason for it, like an accident or just plain old overcrowding. The New York Times reports that many traffic situations happen for reasons that are […]

Nebraskans Use 3D Printing to Change Children’s Lives

3D printing has revolutionized the world in many ways, but one of the most emotionally stirring ways is by creating prosthetic limbs for children. According to PBS, a prosthetic arm goes for around $40,000 these days, a steep barrier to access for most children and families. However, with a 3D printer, about $10 or $20 […]