3 Obstacles to the Growth of 3D Printing

While we’re edging closer and closer to the proliferation of 3D printing in daily life, most homes today do not have 3D printers crafting new dinnerware or shoes at the touch of a button. Ornaments, sure, and even some cool phone cases or work with prosthetics are being manufactured using additive processes, but we aren’t […]

Stratasys: Leading the Next Industrial Revolution?

Back in January, innovation leader company Stratasys made our headlines for the first 3D color printer in existence–a massive milestone in the development of this already revolutionary industry. Although three-dimensional printing has been around for over twenty years, it seems as if it’s only recently that the potential seems to be truly unleashed. Stratasys CEO […]

Stratasys Launches Full-Color 3D Printer

It’s always exciting when the “first” and “only” of something exists–innovation is a tricky game to play. That’s why when a groundbreaking development in technology is made, it’s time to celebrate! On Monday, professional 3D printing company Stratasys introduced the only machine currently existing in the world that combines color with multi-material 3D printing. We’ve […]