Stratasys Launches Full-Color 3D Printer

It’s always exciting when the “first” and “only” of something exists–innovation is a tricky game to play. That’s why when a groundbreaking development in technology is made, it’s time to celebrate!

On Monday, professional 3D printing company Stratasys introduced the only machine currently existing in the world that combines color with multi-material 3D printing. We’ve looked at innovation in 3D printing and even 4D printing here on the blog before, and this is potentially the most advanced printer that science and technology has ever seen. Not bad for a typical January Wednesday!

For those interested in manufacturing and technology, it’s a heartening example of the incredible achievements that engineers are making every day–achievements that future and current students can be inspired by.

PC Magazine reports that the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-Material 3D Printer (try saying that five times fast…) uses rare triple-jetting technology to produce a finished product in full color without needing to be handpainted. This final product can be a combination of almost unlimited colors and materials.

CEO David Reis said “Stratasys’s goal is to help our customers revolutionize their design and manufacturing processes. I believe our new [printer] will transform the way our customers design, engineer, and manufacture new products.”

Hundreds of color combinations are made possible by the three colors used in the printing process, with more color palettes expected next quarter. Products such as chainstay guards and handlebar grips for cyclists were built by the team as test products at Wisconsin’s Trek Bicycle Beta.

Where can you snag one of these beauties? Currently, the Objet500 Connex3 is available for $330,000 online and in Stratasys’s international reseller network, in case you’re looking for something to add to your birthday wish list.

To learn more about this game-changer in the world of design and engineering, check out this video showing examples and colorful representations of the bicycle helmets and other goods being created by the Objet500 Connex3. What would you make if you had one of these printers at your desk? Leave us a note here on our site, or shoot us an answer on our Twitter page!