Why 3D Printing and Tiny Houses Go Hand In Hand

Particularly if you’re interested in architecture or housing, you have most likely heard of the Tiny House Movement, an architectural phenomenon celebrating the value and ingenuity (as well as the sustainability!) of small homes. As CNBC explains, the United States is in the throes of “a boom in specialty housing… spurred in part by the […]

3 Obstacles to the Growth of 3D Printing

While we’re edging closer and closer to the proliferation of 3D printing in daily life, most homes today do not have 3D printers crafting new dinnerware or shoes at the touch of a button. Ornaments, sure, and even some cool phone cases or work with prosthetics are being manufactured using additive processes, but we aren’t […]

Nebraskans Use 3D Printing to Change Children’s Lives

3D printing has revolutionized the world in many ways, but one of the most emotionally stirring ways is by creating prosthetic limbs for children. According to PBS, a prosthetic arm goes for around $40,000 these days, a steep barrier to access for most children and families. However, with a 3D printer, about $10 or $20 […]

Holiday STEM Projects for All Ages

Especially for kids or parents with school-age children, the holidays bring a relaxing break from the usual hustle and bustle of the academic year. Holiday movies, outdoor activities, and time with family and friends are often on the docket when it finally comes time to take a break. However, after the presents are unwrapped and […]

You Can 3D Print That?

If you took a peek at our previous article here, you’d notice that one of the reasons Nebraska company Tethon 3D is a pioneer is that they’ve figured out how to operate 3D printers using a unique material: ceramics. By creating a tougher and more resilient ceramic, the company can develop art, biological systems, and […]

Tethon 3D Saves the World, One 3D Ceramic Print at a Time

Back in 2014, we wrote about Omaha’s first ceramic printing startup, Tethon 3D. A year later, we’re proud to report that this Nebraska owned and operated company is not only flourishing, but may even be a piece in the puzzle to saving oceanic ecosystems. They’ve applied for a patent to create stronger-than-ever ceramics and designed […]

Time Is Money, and 3D Printing Saves Both

Even back in 2013, before there were the applications for 3D printing that exist today, TechCrunch reported that 3D printing could save the average household up to $2,000/year, which is no small chunk of change. Researchers at Michigan Technological University found that even when operating on an extremely conservative assumption that a household would only […]

What’s New In 3D Printing? Fall 2015 Edition

It’s been some time since we posted to our “What’s New in 3D Printing” series, last updated here in the summer of 2015. We featured 3D printed bridges, 3D printed headphones, and 3D printed medication, a few of the latest and greatest 3D ideas come to life. We are ready for a new and improved […]

3 Ways 3D Printing Could Change Your Daily LIfe

It seems sometimes as if 3D printing is very far away: as if it’s off in the sphere of bioprinting, or nanotechnology, or esoteric machining factories in places we aren’t familiar with. There are plenty of stories about tiny houses being 3D printed in Amsterdam, or 3D bridges erected in China. Once, that may have […]