4 Ways to 3D Print Your Halloween

pumpkins for halloweenOne of the cool things about the prevalence of 3D printing these days is that it’s easier than ever to integrate 3D printed materials into your everyday life. Many libraries now have 3D printers, and accept plans or prints for just the cost of the materials (see Take Advantage of 3D Printing at Your Local Library). There are also websites that accept designs, will print your project, and send it to you immediately.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best of the best ideas for Halloween inspiration from 3D printers. Show your support for additive manufacturing this Halloween by integrating something that has been 3D printed into your costume or your home decorations! Step outside the box of plastic Jack O’ Lanterns from the craft store, and instead create something that will last much longer. And you’ll be able to say was 3D printed!

  1. As All About 3D Printing says, “Do you live on 7 Sunshine Road? 1 Smiling Children Lane? Make that happy suburban house at least a little more menacing with a spooky number. The numbers are hollow and are printed in Glowfil filament for extra effect. You can also into the 3D printer for some extra spooky pizzazz!
  2. You can download the files for these cookie cutters and print them yourself at your local printer: the bat model takes about 23 minutes to print, and the Halloween spider model takes about 49 minutes to print. Before you know it, you’ll have crawling all over your counter.
  3. People who love Halloween are incredibly excited about 3D printers. As Mike Wehner says, “You know that super awesome Halloween costume idea you’ve had for the past five years but still haven’t had the time to put together? The one that would take weeks of design, fabrication, and a ridiculous amount of skill? Whether you want to be Iron Man or Samus Aran, creating a jaw-dropping costume can seem nearly impossible, but this year could be the year that you make it happen—and without all the moulding, casting, and pouring that normally goes into such projects.” You can print that awesome Iron Man specific 3D helmet . The creator also shared his process whilst making the helmet, and it’s pretty fascinating to read about.
  4. These are perfect to make with kids, in addition to or instead of carving the traditional jack-o-lantern! The pumpkins are also fairly easy and inexpensive to make: Simply 3D print the mini pumpkin designs, pop in some cheap LED tea-lights, remove the flame-effect peace, and hot-glue the light to the pumpkin. Tah-dah!

If you try any or all of these to spice up your Halloween this year, let us know or leave a comment in the section below anytime! We want to see what you do!

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