Is a College Degree Really Worth It?

Let’s face it: college is expensive. And if you’re struggling to figure out what to make of all the information put in front of you about the cost of college, about student loans, or even about what path is right for you, it’s worth it to make sure that you have tools at your disposal […]

For Thanksgiving, Menurkey, Laser Etched Bacon, and the MIT Cornucopia

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and we couldn’t just settle for any normal food or tech this holiday season. You see, here at NeMAC, we love new technology (we even have an entire category on our blog dedicated to it), and manufacturing has brought us a lot of amazing technology over the years. To send […]

SAP Business Trends Highlights 3 Big Problems with Manufacturing

A recent article by Pradeep Amladi, Vice President of Discrete Manufacturing Industries at SAP (a software corporation that makes software to manage businesses and customer relations) highlighted 3 big problems with manufacturing today. Here are the issues that Pradeep identified: Negative perception of manufacturing: According to a study conducted by the Fabricators & Metalworkers Association, “52% of […]

Program Spotlight: Welding and Machine Shop Technology at Mid-Plains Community College

To date, we’ve highlighted programs from all across Nebraska–from Northeast Community College, to Central Community College, we’ve covered all but one of the major community colleges here in Nebraska. To finish off that series, we have just one school left: Mid-Plains Community College. And today, we’re going to cover a great program at MPCC: welding […]

Manufacturers in Nebraska: Timpte

Although it’s been a little while since we’ve done any profiles of the manufacturers here in Nebraska, we’re hardly out of great companies to talk about. To pick up the series, today, we’re going to take a look at Timpte, a trailer manufacturer. Located in David City in Butler County, Nebraska, Timpte has a very rich […]

Nestlé Purina Now Hiring in Nebraska

In our series of manufacturer profiles, one of the many manufacturers in Nebraska that we covered was Nestlé Purina. Located in Crete, Nebraska (just southwest of Lincoln), Nestlé Purina makes many of their pet food products right here in the state. They’re a great manufacturing company to work for, and recently, they opened up a few jobs […]

Have You Heard About the New Manufacturing Jobs for America Initiative?

Have you heard about the new plan going through Congress that’s meant to close the skills gap, strengthen the manufacturing workforce, and encourage growth of the manufacturing sector here in the U.S.? Most people haven’t, which is why we thought we’d take some time today to explain the Manufacturing Jobs for America Initiative that’s currently […]

Program Spotlight: Automotive Technology at Western Nebraska Community College

With our post today about automotive technology at Western Nebraska Community College, we’re one school away from finishing our program tour of community colleges from around Nebraska. Our last post highlighted a program at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha–a great option for anyone who happens to live in the metro area. But a large portion of […]