Program Spotlight: Welding and Machine Shop Technology at Mid-Plains Community College

SProgram Spotlight Welding and Machine Shop Technology at Mid-Plains Community College

To date, we’ve highlighted programs from all across Nebraska–from Northeast Community College, to Central Community College, we’ve covered all but one of the major community colleges here in Nebraska.

To finish off that series, we have just one school left: Mid-Plains Community College. And today, we’re going to cover a great program at MPCC: welding and machine shop technology.

Although MPCC has several locations, this program is exclusive to the North Platte Community College North Campus (a division of MPCC) and McCook Community College (another division of MPCC).

The Program

As noted on the program’s page on the MPCC website, the welding and machine shop technology program is “an open-entry, open-exit program that leads to a Diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree for employment opportunities in the welding/machine shop field.” Students are free to take as many or as few classes as they’d like, and can seek a number of different paths if they’re interested in the program.

The two biggest options are the Associate of Applied Science in Welding and Machine Shop Technology, and the Welding and Machine Shop Technology Diploma. The former takes 61 credit hours to complete, and the latter takes 44.

Both options give students the education and hands-on skills they need to succeed in a career in welding or or machining after graduation. Students “will be able to perform skills necessary to be successfully employed at the entry level or above with a selected occupation,” so if you’re looking to start a career in manufacturing, this program is really a great choice.

The Courses

Everyone is required to take a welding safety class prior to taking any of the classes here (and remember–safety is important!). But once that’s out of the way, students can choose from a number of courses, including some of the following:

  • Machine Shop & Lathe Work: A general introduction to machine shops and lathes–exactly like it sounds. A more advanced course is available, but this course serves as a great introduction to the basics needed in a machine shop.
  • MIG and TIG Welding: Covers the basics of welding aluminum using TIG welding, and the safe operation of more advanced welding techniques.
  • Basic Principles & Operations of CNC: Again, like this course sounds, it’s a basic introduction to the main operating principles of CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, which is used in advanced manufacturing.

While this program does cover many of the basics, these basics are solid skills that are needed for a career in manufacturing. There’s a lot that goes into working on the shop floor, and this program can help prepare you for the many things you’ll see during a career in manufacturing.

All-in-all, the welding and machine shop technology program at Mid-Plains Community College is yet another example of a great manufacturing-related program here in Nebraska. No matter where you are in the state, there are many great educational opportunities available. So get out there and get to it!

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Photo credit: Mid-Plains Community College via YouTube