David City, Nebraska Prepares for Growth

Have you ever heard of David City, Nebraska? The little metropolis is not what one would call a “massive” city, boasting a population of 2,906 at the 2010 census. It’s grown a bit since then, but it still hovers at “nearly 3,000,” according to the Columbus Telegram. However, the little city is poised for a […]

Manufacturers In Nebraska: Inter-Motion

This post is part of an ongoing series of manufacturer profiles. The blogs will cover some of the many manufacturers in the state of Nebraska. Check back later for more posts in the series. To see previous posts in the series, click here. Last month, we featured Cortland, NE manufacturer Industrial Maid (click here to […]

What’s On Our Radar: Manufacturing News for November 2015

Each day, we’re in awe about the dynamism of manufacturing these days. It seems as if the industry is evolving more quickly with each passing day, and Nebraska is certainly a hotspot for much of that action. Because our state’s economy is so dependent on agriculture and on manufacturing, there’s no shortage of work being […]

Governor Ricketts Visits George Risk Industries In Kimball

Nebraska’s governor, Pete Ricketts, had a busy road trip to take last Friday on Manufacturing Day in Nebraska! Joined by Joseph Young, the executive vice president of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he traversed the state to visit Nucor Steel in Norfolk, Sargent Pipe Company in Broken Bow, and a manufacturer in a […]

Manufacturing Day 2015 Recap

We’ll just say it: Friday was an awesome day. Nebraskans turned out in full force to celebrate Manufacturing Day, Nebraskan manufacturing workers, and the plants that make our great state tick. With almost 2,000 manufacturers in Nebraska, a day to honor the second largest industry in the state is a way for employees to honor […]

Kellogg’s Long History in Nebraska Will Continue

There’s no doubt about it: The cereal industry is a difficult one these days. After cereal sales peaked in the 1990s, cultural norms for what’s important about food have changed. Cereal has become a nostalgic item for many people, rather than a go-to for most Americans. The New York Times says that “cereal sales have […]

What’s Brewing In Nebraska

Put down your Bud Light, and instead, reach for one of these homegrown beers from Nebraska’s outstanding breweries. Breweries and microbreweries around the state grow hops in one of the 12 acres of hops fields in Nebraska, process, package, and provide to the public for their drinking delight. It’s a unique variety of manufacturing, and […]

What Is Manufacturing Engineering?

There’s a difference between manufacturing, engineering, and manufacturing engineering, believe it or not, and manufacturing engineers aren’t recognized quite as often for the important work that they do. So, what is manufacturing engineering? Engineering is a huge, huge part of the manufacturing process, and manufacturing engineers are absolutely integral in any plant or factory. Contrary to […]

Can a Satellite Campus Help Rural Manufacturing?

If you’re not familiar with Southeast Community College, they’re a community college system with campuses (currently) in Beatrice, Lincoln, and Milford. We’ve highlighted some of their excellent programs on the blog, including nondestructive testing technology, precision machining and automation technology, and welding, because SCC is committed to training skilled workers for careers in manufacturing. They […]

Nebraska Science Festival 2015

An event not to miss this spring is the 2015 Nebraska Science Festival, which begins today and runs until April 18th. It’s a multi-day celebration for Nebraskans to enjoy, understand, and learn more about science in a variety of remarkable ways. Last year, the four-day festival drew 12,000 people to venues in cities like Omaha, Lincoln, […]