David City, Nebraska Prepares for Growth

timpte trailers david cityHave you ever heard of David City, Nebraska? The little metropolis is not what one would call a “massive” city, boasting a population of 2,906 at the 2010 census. It’s grown a bit since then, but it still hovers at “nearly 3,000,” according to the .

However, the little city is poised for a whole lot of success. The Telegram reported just last week that the past several decades have been immensely successful for David City, which saw growth in almost all sectors. Construction crews have been busy building throughout, and on the south edge of town, Hershey Flying Service is building an aircraft repair station expected to open by August, with long-range plans for manufacturing.

Other manufacturers have opened up shop and continued to expand there, as well: are manufactured at the company’s David City manufacturing plant, which was established in 1978. The plant is an industry leader in productivity, continuously applying state-of-the-art technology to produce the finest bulk commodity trailers that exist.

So, why David City? What’s so special about this little town, and why are manufacturers flocking and expanding there? Mayor Alan Zavodny calls it a diamond in the rough: “Some people might say they live here because they have to. I believe that a larger majority live here because they want to and can’t imagine a better place to experience the Nebraska ‘Good Life’ than David City, Nebraska. I have lived a few other places and met some terrific people. I know that most of the people that I know I could count on for anything are right here.”

Zavodny also explains that David City’s location is ideal for commerce and economic success: “If I were to generally comment on the strengths of our economic position, I think you have to mention our favorable geographic location. We are close enough to Lincoln and Omaha to get to and from there easily, but far enough to not have the hassles of big-town issues affect us. We have abundant water, power, and enough potential employees in a geographic radius of population centers.”

was incorporated in June 1874, after first being used as a “new town site” for settlers in Savannah, Nebraska. Today, the city remains true to its roots in many ways, especially since agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for most residents. Along with the aforementioned Timpte, Inc., other major industries include Henningsen foods, an egg-breaking plant, and the Al-Fa-Meal hay processing plant. (Hershey Flying Service will join the group.) The other major manufacturer in town is David City Manufacturing, a producer of electrical wiring harnesses.

Residents believe that the city is a special place to live. In terms of “quality of life,” the city is committed to providing housing for their residents through a for those who need it. There is an abundance of churches for those looking to worship, and businesses are attracted by the myriad for business to grow in Butler County.

It’s true that often, David City flies under the radar. However, we think that might not always be the case. It’s exciting to see a city develop as David City has, particularly for manufacturers, and we look forward to watching the little city grow.

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