David City, Nebraska Prepares for Growth

Have you ever heard of David City, Nebraska? The little metropolis is not what one would call a “massive” city, boasting a population of 2,906 at the 2010 census. It’s grown a bit since then, but it still hovers at “nearly 3,000,” according to the Columbus Telegram. However, the little city is poised for a […]

Nebraska VR Helps Rehabilitate and Revitalize Workforce

If you are disabled, a senior citizen who has outlived your retirement savings, a person who’s injured from a previous work experience, a veteran wounded in war, or a teen or youth with a mental or physical disability, the Nebraska VR is here to help you. Take this story recently reported by the Columbus Telegram, […]

3 Nebraska Manufacturing Facilities That Also Happen to Be Tourist Destinations

In honor of the Nebraska Tourism Conference hosted this week in Columbus, NE., we’d like to showcase some spots throughout the state that work a double duty. They’re manufacturers and producers, as well as tourist destinations in themselves. Tourism is the third-leading profiteer from outside the state after agriculture and manufacturing, says NBC Nebraska, so […]

Central Community College Introduces New Programs

Central Community College is expanding, both virtually and physically. Surveys of local Kearney manufacturers clearly signal a need for trained workers (according to the Kearney Hub, a survey of major manufacturers indicates that they will hire almost 460 skilled employees in the next five years), and Central Community College is stepping up to educate and […]