“Hard Hats and Heels” Trains Future Generation of Nebraska Engineers

It’s a co-ed camp, but one of Central Community College’s primary goals was to enlist female high school students to participate in “Hard Hats and Heels.” The summer camp, hosted by CCC and the National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI), enrolled eight females and seven males to participate during the month of July. The educational experience […]

Central Community College Introduces New Programs

Central Community College is expanding, both virtually and physically. Surveys of local Kearney manufacturers clearly signal a need for trained workers (according to the Kearney Hub, a survey of major manufacturers indicates that they will hire almost 460 skilled employees in the next five years), and Central Community College is stepping up to educate and […]

UNL and CCC to Form Educational Partnership

In business and elsewhere, partnerships bring together two or more great companies and their budding ideas. But they also create more opportunities for education, training and career development. So it is no surprise that the new partnership between Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska and the School of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln […]

Central Community College Expands Welding Program

Ask any manufacturer, engineer, or scientist in the world, and they won’t even blink an eye before testifying to the incredible importance of welding to all industry. From artists and sculptors, to papermakers, construction workers, and food processors, virtually every industry is served by welding. To learn more about the basics of welding and what […]

Program Spotlight: Central Community College’s AMDT Program

Last week, we started taking a look at some of the great community colleges here in Nebraska. And even though we gave an introduction to some of the programs that the colleges offer, the post we wrote about the programs was just that: an introduction. So today, we wanted to take a detailed look at […]