What Is Ag Literacy and Why Do We Need It?

Just this week, Farm Credit Services of America donated $100,000 to help Nebraska students of all ages gain a better understanding of science and agriculture. FCSAmerica, which is based in Omaha, serves farmers and ranchers in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. They supply the nation’s agricultural industry with almost one-third of its credit needs, […]

Nebraska Startup Jumps on Insect Manufacturing

A sip of the protein shake, Jump, manufactured by three University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduates, tastes like a chocolatey, nutritious treat. With 26 grams of protein, 54% of daily iron intake, and 56% of daily fiber intake, the shake also packs quite a protein-filled punch. The crucial difference between this shake and so many others on […]

UNL Research Park Opens to the Public

Earlier this week, the Innovation Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln opened to the public, complete with open tours of the brand-new Food Innovation Center and Greenhouse Innovation Center. UNL faculty and community members have been waiting for this day with bated breath, as we reported back in May when the Innovation Campus was only […]

Making Innovation Happen at UNL

It’s not fully completed yet, but when it is, it’ll be a masterpiece. The Nebraska Innovation Campus is a research campus adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and houses the spaces and facilities to foster ideas into innovation. Part of the goal is to facilitate more relationships, and partnerships, between the University of Nebraska and […]

Changes Coming to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

From the literary naturalist Loren Eiseley to geneticist George Beadle and engineer Harold Edgerton, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has always produced successful figures in the engineering, science, and technology fields. And as one of the leading teaching institutions in Nebraska, as well as a prominent research leader, the school has always paved the path in […]

3D Printing Inspires Collaboration at UNL

The days when 3D printers were only available to scientists and researchers are long gone. As the new technology begins to trickle down to college campuses and high schools, opportunities for collaboration and education are growing–even in extracurriculars. Thanks to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Engineering College (whom we’ve highlighted here on the blog many times […]

UNL and CCC to Form Educational Partnership

In business and elsewhere, partnerships bring together two or more great companies and their budding ideas. But they also create more opportunities for education, training and career development. So it is no surprise that the new partnership between Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska and the School of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln […]

UNL Graduate Revitalizes the Corvette

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been a hot topic in the news these days, as well as here on our blog. A few weeks ago, we shared the exciting news that UNL researchers will be participating in the new federal manufacturing hub located in Chicago along with other engineers and institutions from around the country. […]

UNL Set to Participate In Federal Manufacturing Research Hub

Earlier this week, we shared an announcement from President Barack Obama as he recognized the importance of manufacturing in front of the entire world. On Tuesday, CNN reported that Obama plans to create two new manufacturing hubs and institutes in Chicago and Detroit to attract new manufacturing business in the United States. This is an […]

Coming Up in Summer 2014: Find a Career with UNL’s Big Red Summer Academic Camps!

Nebraskans are lucky in that our state has such an incredible number of resources for young adults and students interested in meaningful learning experiences. Whether you know what you want your career path to be or you’re still searching to find a passion to pursue, exploration into new subjects and activities is always beneficial. One […]