Coming Up in Summer 2014: Find a Career with UNL’s Big Red Summer Academic Camps!

Coming Up in Summer 2014- Find a Career with UNL’s Big Red Summer Academic Camps!

Nebraskans are lucky in that our state has such an incredible number of resources for young adults and students interested in meaningful learning experiences.

Whether you know what you want your career path to be or you’re still searching to find a passion to pursue, exploration into new subjects and activities is always beneficial.

One really wonderful way to experiment with new subject areas, and possible career paths, is to attend a Big Red Summer Academic Camp, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and 4-H Youth Development. All of the camps are open to both 4-H members and non-members, including May 2014 graduates, for the June camps.

From June 8-13, 2014, students entering grades 10-12 can spend several days exploring the career of their choice. Meeting people from around the country, exploring the UNL campus, and becoming immersed in a fascinating subject are all part of being at the Big Red Camp.

Here are a few of the subject areas perfect for strengthening your STEM skills, having fun, and learning something new this summer!

  • Discover Engineering: Taught by the UNL College of Engineering, this week will lead students around Lincoln and beyond to work in civil, electrical, mechanical, and biological systems engineering. Design and build engineering projects and present a final capstone to your family at the end of the week! Related careers include a project engineer, aerodynamics researcher, or control systems specialist among others.
  • Discover Crop Science: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension invites future detectives to join them in solving crop-related mysteries! Experiments in nutrient management, insect and weed problems, crop production, and more will take place throughout the week. Perfect for those interested in being an educator, water conservationist, farmer, or crop consultant.
  • Discover Veterinary Science: Budding scientists, veterinary technicians, pharmaceutical salespeople, and government services specialists will enjoy this week of working with the School of Veterinary Sciences and Biomedical Sciences faculty! Learn about anatomy, parasitology, surgery, animal diseases, and more.

Other offerings include animal science, culinary arts and food science, education, fashion design, filmmaking, outdoor Nebraska, unicameral youth legislature, and more! You can find the full listing on the UNL website. We definitely recommend getting out there over the summer and getting involved in these camps while you get on the path to a career you’re passionate about!

Photo credit: UNL