Tech Hire Nebraska Aims to Revitalize IT Talent Pool

From sports writer to teacher to restaurant manager, many Nebraskans have taken on the challenge of switching their career from the aforementioned paths to an IT position. Why switch to Information Technology? Well, one recent survey showed that IT careers top the list of industries offering the highest compensation and most number of jobs to […]

3 Associations Manufacturers Should Join

Manufacturing is pretty special in that it’s a very distinct community. While there’s surely competition in many cases, when it comes to creating a STEM-friendly workforce and putting America on top in manufacturing prowess, the industry is united. On a more granular level, there are also many outstanding organizations that can be good resources for […]

How the Nebraska Business Development Center Can Help Manufacturers

From Worldlawn Power Equipment to Dyna-Tech Aviation to Brehmer Manufacturing, Inc., the Nebraska Business Development Center at the University of Nebraska-Omaha has helped countless manufacturers improve their business processes. In 1977, UNO was awarded one of seven federal contracts to operate a University Business Development Center, and since its beginning, the center has provided professional-level […]

4 Must-Watch Shows About Manufacturing

Back in 2014, we wrote about American Made Movie, a documentary that took a long look at the positive sides of American manufacturing, including companies that manufacture their goods in the United States and ways we can close the skills gap through training and education. You can read the full post here—we really loved (and […]

NeMAC’s Best of 2015 Roundup

2015 was an important year for the manufacturing industry, particularly in Nebraska. While there were certainly disappointments, such as ConAgra’s move to Chicago after an “agonizing debate,” there were plenty of exciting moments that should not be overshadowed by the inevitabilities of any industry, such as company moves or closings. In technology, as well, the […]

Nebraska VR Helps Rehabilitate and Revitalize Workforce

If you are disabled, a senior citizen who has outlived your retirement savings, a person who’s injured from a previous work experience, a veteran wounded in war, or a teen or youth with a mental or physical disability, the Nebraska VR is here to help you. Take this story recently reported by the Columbus Telegram, […]

Participate in Manufacturing Day 2015 Virtually

Our favorite day of the year, Manufacturing Day, is October 2. If you are not familiar with the history of this special day, check our previous blog. Manufacturers will open their doors to give the world a taste of what the industry truly entails through factory tours, informational sessions, and more! Last year was a watershed […]

Open Nebraska Develops Community Projects

We briefly mentioned this awesome project in our post on libraries installing “maker spaces,” but it’s certainly worth sharing some more information about the interesting community engagement projects centered around technology that aim to change the technological landscape of Nebraska. The libraries are certainly part of of this, hence the recent hiring of Rebecca Stavick […]

Libraries Begin to Install Maker Spaces

The definition of being a “maker” is a little fuzzy sometimes, but it’s more complex than it needs to be: In order to be a “maker,” it just means that you have to create something or participate in the act of making something, it doesn’t matter what it is. There’s no rules, there’s no definition […]

Community Colleges for Military Veterans

In an earlier post, we chatted a bit about why to go to a community college: Who goes there? What are the benefits? The perks? The degrees available? It’s easy for us to talk about because we have such an outstanding community college system here in Nebraska. One of the awesome things about our community […]