What’s On Our Radar: Manufacturing News for November 2015

orange and black radarEach day, we’re in awe about the dynamism of manufacturing these days. It seems as if the industry is evolving more quickly with each passing day, and Nebraska is certainly a hotspot for much of that action. Because our state’s economy is so dependent on agriculture and on manufacturing, there’s no shortage of work being done in order to find out how we can become more efficient, more successful, and more impactful in manufacturing and STEM.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most interesting tidbits on the web that are must-reads before heading into the weekend, both in Nebraska and around the country. Sometimes, there’s just too much interesting news happening to cover just one article, so off we go with the latest and greatest in manufacturing and STEM happenings.

In North Platte, Nebraska, McDaid Elementary School third-grade students are working on memorization and learning skills to pass the Nebraska math standard by using drills, flash cards, and timed worksheets. However, the North Platte Telegraph reports that instructors Audra West and Cheryl Braithwait have added an academic game to the curriculum that includes movement, inconsequential competition, and fun.

“Number Jumping,” where students demonstrate their math knowledge by jumping onto numbers and symbols painted on a “Number Jumping Ring” on the playground, helps students elevate their memorization of math facts and combine movement and learning. Both instructors are confident that their students will be well-equipped for fourth-grade math. We love when educators think outside the box to provide a well-rounded, effective educational experience for their students.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been named a 2016 Military Friendly School, Military Times Best for Vets School, and 2016 STEM Jobs Approved College. What a month! The Military Friendly Schools designation is awarded to the top 20% of schools in the country that do the most to ensure the success of their military students.

We were also delighted to see that UNL was recognized for aligning their STEM programs with high-paying, in-demand jobs, providing programs that help their students get jobs, attracting diverse students in STEM fields, and having specific resources to support STEM student achievement. In other words, the college is a perfect fit for Nebraskans interested in having a real shot at a career in STEM.

In light of our recent pieces on Tesla and other automotive manufacturing innovations, we were intrigued by this story on mysterious company Faraday Future, currently hunting for a place to build a $1 billion manufacturing plant for new electric cars. They won’t confirm where their funds are coming from, but Business Insider says all signs point to a company run by a Chinese billionaire who styles himself after Steve Jobs.

Their goal is to change the way people interact with their cars: “People’s lives are changed by their mobile devices, the way that we interact,” says Faraday spokeswoman Stacy Morris. “The car industry hasn’t caught up sufficiently. The car still feels like a place where you’re disconnected.” We’ll be curious to see where they eventually end up manufacturing, particularly with such a high-capital plant.

Anything we missed in our roundup that we need to read before the weekend? Leave a comment in the section below!

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