Time Is Money, and 3D Printing Saves Both

Even back in 2013, before there were the applications for 3D printing that exist today, TechCrunch reported that 3D printing could save the average household up to $2,000/year, which is no small chunk of change. Researchers at Michigan Technological University found that even when operating on an extremely conservative assumption that a household would only […]

University of Nebraska-Kearney Sends STEM Projects to National Conference

Earlier this month, we highlighted the unique opportunities available for STEM education at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. From industrial technology, to management information systems, to computer science and information technology, there are plenty of programs to help students progress through the university and matriculate with valuable, career-centric skills. Earlier this month, students put their hard […]

Program Spotlight: Industrial Technology at University of Nebraska-Kearney

Our website has always had a list of our partners in education, otherwise known as educational institutions that provide curriculum to support a career in manufacturing. These institutions include community colleges, universities, and middle and high school career technical education programs. In other words, for a student interested in learning manufacturing skills, there‚Äôs no shortage […]