Welding 101

In charting the course of America’s history, it’s easy to see that welders have been there every step of the way. President Roosevelt, in a letter to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, bragged about the discovery of new welding techniques that enabled America to build ships with a speed unequaled in the history of shipbuilding. The first […]

Keeping Up with Manufacturing in Nebraska

If you’re reading this blog, that’s already a great step towards understanding the new face of manufacturing in the Midwest, and keeping up with the latest news on Nebraskan manufacturers: all things STEM, education, and careers in a wide variety of industries. It’s important stuff, people! So on this pre-holiday Friday, we wanted to make […]

How Long-Term Unemployed Persons Can Start a Career in Manufacturing

Unemployment is an unfortunate circumstance. When the economy got tough a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found themselves without work. And while many have recovered, some people are still looking for jobs. Others have lost their jobs more recently and found themselves in a similar situation. Unemployment can also be very […]

Five Figures You Need to Know About Manufacturing In Nebraska

For both parents and kids, there is plenty available here on our NeMAC website to help advise you about the field of manufacturing, and the careers available in it, from pursuing a degree or education in a technical skill. It’s a little-known fact that manufacturing requires skilled, sophisticated workers and can provide an exciting and […]