Long-Term Unemployed Seniors Face an Uphill Battle. How Can We Help?

We’ve discussed long-term unemployment on the blog before, including some of the myths that circulate around the notion. Essentially, after The Great Recession from 2007-2009, populations of the unemployed skyrocketed. In addition, the time in which the unemployed stayed unemployed rose as well, eventually reaching a median period of 25 weeks, more than twice the […]

Fortune Magazine Recognizes Nebraska’s Quality Labor Force

This week, Fortune Magazine ran a piece titled “How This State Ended up with America’s Lowest Unemployment Rate.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, “this state” referred to Nebraska, the holder of the title of lowest unemployment rate in the entire nation. With a 2.6% unemployment rate, the current rate for June is Nebraska’s […]

The Myths of Long-Term Unemployment

There are certain criteria that must be met in order for unemployment to be considered “long-term” unemployment. We have a post on the ins and outs of long-term unemployment here, but the bottom line is that Americans who have been looking for work for 28 weeks or more are generally deemed a long-term unemployed person. […]

How Long-Term Unemployed Persons Can Start a Career in Manufacturing

Unemployment is an unfortunate circumstance. When the economy got tough a few years ago, hundreds of thousands of people suddenly found themselves without work. And while many have recovered, some people are still looking for jobs. Others have lost their jobs more recently and found themselves in a similar situation. Unemployment can also be very […]

Jobs Are Plentiful Here in Nebraska (And Manufacturing’s a Big Part)

On Friday, we talked about some good news: the fact that manufacturing’s numbers are strong, and that things are looking very good headed into 2014 and beyond. That bodes well for manufacturing companies, but it also bodes well for people looking for a career. And as it turns out, that growth seems to be carrying […]