How Can Vets Translate Military Skills to Civilian Careers

Chad Storlie holds an MBA and is the Director of Interline Equipment and Equipment Management of Union Pacific Railroad’s Car Management department. In addition to his job with Union Pacific, the Nebraskan is an adjunct marketing instructor in Creighton University’s Heider College of Business and has taught Principles of Marketing since 2005. He loves working […]

Resources for Job-Seeking Veterans in Nebraska

Veterans returning to the civilian life after a career in the military often struggle with finding their path in a post-military world. Where will their skills make the most sense? What jobs are available? And what companies hire workers with entirely unique skill sets? As it turns out, vocational paths or traditionally “blue-collar” jobs are […]

High School Seniors: It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Graduation

Our friends over at Dream It Do It Nebraska have held several interviews with their Career Dream Team recently, and from what they’ve told us, there’s one common piece of advice that nearly all members of the Dream Team have given: don’t hold off on planning for after graduation until it’s too late! Whether or not that […]

Wind Turbines: Creating Energy (and Jobs)

Taking a drive through the Midwest, you’ll probably notice something you don’t see as much in other parts of the country: wind turbines. These windmill-like structures were developed to generate more electricity. Their development began over the increasing concern for energy security, global warming, and eventual fossil fuel depletion. According to the American Wind Energy […]

Why Manufacturing Matters

In economics, students were once taught that the backbone of America’s economy rested on factories–the machines inside of them, and the men and women who ran them. Even today, the economy is deeply rooted in high-tech machinery to produce the goods that help Americans live their daily lives. In today’s economy, manufacturing only accounts for […]

First Manufacturing Hub to Be Placed in North Carolina

A few days ago in Raleigh, NC, President Obama announced the government’s intentions to strengthen the United States manufacturing sector and stimulate advanced manufacturing. He visited North Carolina to promote technology-enhanced, 21st-century manufacturing jobs as the key to an economy that offers well-paying jobs to middle-class citizens. While in Raleigh, Obama announced a “new public-private […]

Skilled Workers In High Demand In Nebraska

For all of us here at NeMAC (and for all of us involved in the manufacturing industry at large), the good news has just kept on rolling in since the start of the New Year. Some of that has been reflected on our recent blog posts discussing jobs here in Nebraska: Brehmer Manufacturing Expanding and […]

Brehmer Manufacturing Expanding and Adding Jobs Here In Nebraska

On the hunt for a manufacturing job? Well, your timing is fantastic. In early December, Dave Dreeszen from the Sioux City Journal reported that 10 new jobs will open up in Lyons, Nebraska thanks to the Brehmer Manufacturing Project. 50% of these jobs will be made available to low- and middle-income earning individuals. The new jobs […]

Jobs Are Plentiful Here in Nebraska (And Manufacturing’s a Big Part)

On Friday, we talked about some good news: the fact that manufacturing’s numbers are strong, and that things are looking very good headed into 2014 and beyond. That bodes well for manufacturing companies, but it also bodes well for people looking for a career. And as it turns out, that growth seems to be carrying […]

Ford Announces Largest Factory Expansion In 50 Years

In light of yesterday’s post about the ticking of manufacturing’s biological clock, we thought that we’d offer something a little more uplifting: news that shows that manufacturing still has a lot of teeth. Even at a time when manufacturing needs more younger workers than ever, many manufacturers are still investing in the industry’s future. One […]