By The Numbers: Manufacturing Is Looking Good!

In a time where manufacturing just can’t seem to stay out of the news (for good reason, of course!), the good news just keeps on coming. Early numbers are out for May, and all around the country, manufacturing is looking very good! Here in the Midwest, things look strong. According to a survey today from […]

U.S. Factory Output, ISM Index Continue Growth in March

Earlier in February when the economy was still growing at a slower pace than expected, economists wondered whether or not the weather was to blame for the bad numbers being reported across a number of industries. Initial reports of numbers in March suggested that the weather was indeed to blame, and that warmer weather was […]

What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

A new video is making its rounds in the manufacturing space (including on our Twitter account) that ought to get you thinking about the importance of manufacturing. In the video, which you can see above, the National Association of Manufacturers asks Milennials on the street what manufacturing is and why it’s important. As you can see, […]

Stock Market Rises After Increased Factory Activity

The stock market has risen slightly within the past few days thanks to manufacturing’s recent fast-paced expansion. The S&P’s 500 index rose eleven points (or .06 percent). The Dow Jones industrial average also gained ninety-two points, while the Nasdaq climbed twenty-nine points on 20th of February. Factory activity increased at its fastest pace in nearly […]

Why Manufacturing Matters

In economics, students were once taught that the backbone of America’s economy rested on factories–the machines inside of them, and the men and women who ran them. Even today, the economy is deeply rooted in high-tech machinery to produce the goods that help Americans live their daily lives. In today’s economy, manufacturing only accounts for […]

First Manufacturing Hub to Be Placed in North Carolina

A few days ago in Raleigh, NC, President Obama announced the government’s intentions to strengthen the United States manufacturing sector and stimulate advanced manufacturing. He visited North Carolina to promote technology-enhanced, 21st-century manufacturing jobs as the key to an economy that offers well-paying jobs to middle-class citizens. While in Raleigh, Obama announced a “new public-private […]

What’s Made In Nebraska?

Earlier this summer, we wrote a blog about 10 great products that are made here in the U.S.A. That list was pretty comprehensive, and included everything from airplanes to kitchen products, but we still had some people asking us: what’s made in Nebraska? The unfortunate thing is that there’s not a lot of public information […]

Reshoring In the Wild: ‘Made In America’ Gaining Momentum

It’s one thing for us to talk about reshoring, and it’s another thing entirely to really start to see reshoring in action. And as it turns out, the latter is exactly what we’re starting to see now. A new survey by Boston Consulting Group, published today, shows a big jump “in the number of companies […]

IW U.S. 500 Shows American-Made Revenue Rebound

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some good news to close off the week. That good news comes from IndustryWeek, a personal favorite of ours. This July, IndustryWeek released a report on the IW U.S. 500: IndustryWeek’s annual list of the largest publicly held U.S. manufacturers based on revenue. What the report says is […]

So, What Is Manufacturing Nebraska?

If you stumbled upon this page and have read our introduction, you may be wondering exactly what “Manufacturing Nebraska” is and why we’re dedicated to putting a new face on manufacturing in Nebraska. Today, we’re here to tell you just that. The blog Manufacturing Nebraska, and all the social accounts associated with it (Twitter, Facebook, etc., all […]