Four Reasons Manufacturing Is Returning to the United States

If you’ve been following this blog, you read about the good news this week: manufacturing is growing in the U.S. Indeed, after decades of negative growth, fewer American companies are shipping production overseas. Over the last four years, American manufacturing has grown by about 650,000 jobs. But why exactly has there been a rebound? Here […]

Five Figures You Need to Know About Manufacturing In Nebraska

For both parents and kids, there is plenty available here on our NeMAC website to help advise you about the field of manufacturing, and the careers available in it, from pursuing a degree or education in a technical skill. It’s a little-known fact that manufacturing requires skilled, sophisticated workers and can provide an exciting and […]

What’s Made In Nebraska?

Earlier this summer, we wrote a blog about 10 great products that are made here in the U.S.A. That list was pretty comprehensive, and included everything from airplanes to kitchen products, but we still had some people asking us: what’s made in Nebraska? The unfortunate thing is that there’s not a lot of public information […]

By the Numbers: Nebraska Manufacturing Facts (Hint: Good, Better-Paying Jobs)

We mentioned just last week that there’s a problem with manufacturing: there are an enormous amount of manufacturing jobs open in the United States, and not nearly enough skilled workers to fill them. But despite that shortage, manufacturing still manages to contribute $1.87 trillion to the United States economy–that’s 11.9 percent of our GDP. And for every […]