3 Associations Manufacturers Should Join

Manufacturing is pretty special in that it’s a very distinct community. While there’s surely competition in many cases, when it comes to creating a STEM-friendly workforce and putting America on top in manufacturing prowess, the industry is united. On a more granular level, there are also many outstanding organizations that can be good resources for […]

It’s True: Manufacturing in Nebraska Pays More

There are a lot of reasons to consider a career in manufacturing. Jobs are in high demand, the work is hands-on and engaging, you get to work with some really cool technology, and yes–there’s good pay, too (without student debt!). In Nebraska, that’s especially true. As it turns out, manufacturing in Nebraska pays more. Here […]

By the Numbers: Nebraska Manufacturing Facts (Hint: Good, Better-Paying Jobs)

We mentioned just last week that there’s a problem with manufacturing: there are an enormous amount of manufacturing jobs open in the United States, and not nearly enough skilled workers to fill them. But despite that shortage, manufacturing still manages to contribute $1.87 trillion to the United States economy–that’s 11.9 percent of our GDP. And for every […]