It’s True: Manufacturing in Nebraska Pays More

sunset in nebraskaThere are a lot of reasons to consider a career in manufacturing. Jobs are in high demand, the work is hands-on and engaging, you get to work with some really cool technology, and yes–there’s good pay, too (without student debt!).

In Nebraska, that’s especially true. As it turns out, manufacturing in Nebraska pays more. Here are some key figures, via the National Association of Manufacturers:

  • Manufacturers in Nebraska employ 9.6% of the workforce
  • Manufacturing compensation is more than $12,000 higher than other non-farm employers in the state
  • The average annual compensation in manufacturing is $54,984 (compared to average annual compensation in private non-farm sectors of $37,572)
  • Manufacturing accounts for 12.5 percent of total state output–that’s $12.5 billion!

See the National Association of Manufacturer’s State Data page for state-by-state information about manufacturing. 

So, on top of all the cool technology and hands-on work, a manufacturing job in Nebraska pays extremely well and often requires no student debt like you’d find in many other careers. What could be better than that?

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photo credit: Steve took it via photopin cc