A Guide to Buying Products Made In Nebraska

Locally made or locally produced may not always mean what you think. In recent years, as larger corporations have “caught on” to the idea that purchasing local products may actually be more cost-efficient (it’s cheaper to buy the corn for the Kansas Wal-Mart in Kansas than have it shipped from somewhere else), buying local has […]

Celebrating Nebraska’s Manufacturing Past

“Every person in Nebraska knows that this state is one of the leading agricultural states of the Union, that in wealth per capita she is one of the first and that her public school system is second to none. Yet how little is known of the manufacturers. How many people know that the annual output […]

No Way, That’s Manufactured Here?!

We highlight cool manufacturers in Nebraska in a pretty frequent series; there’s plenty that exist, and many that most people aren’t aware of. There are some hidden manufacturing gems in this awesome state of ours, and in those tiny towns off I-80, amazing things are being designed and made by Nebraskans. Here’s the thing: there’s […]

Buy It From Nebraskans

There’s something powerful about purchasing a product made in your own backyard (or sometimes, just your own state). Money spent in the community stays in the community, and dollars spent on our own manufacturers goes further into ensuring the economic success of Nebraska as a whole. Next time you have that cash burning a hole […]

What’s Made In Nebraska?

Earlier this summer, we wrote a blog about 10 great products that are made here in the U.S.A. That list was pretty comprehensive, and included everything from airplanes to kitchen products, but we still had some people asking us: what’s made in Nebraska? The unfortunate thing is that there’s not a lot of public information […]