Buy It From Nebraskans

beef jerkyThere’s something powerful about purchasing a product made in your own backyard (or sometimes, just your own state). Money spent in the community stays in the community, and dollars spent on our own manufacturers goes further into ensuring the economic success of Nebraska as a whole.

Next time you have that cash burning a hole in your pocket, take the time to think about who the money you’re spending will benefit.

There are a wide variety of products made by Nebraskans that are superior in quality to mass-market goods, and it’s worth your time (and often, the price) to support local businesses. You would be surprised to know just how many goods and services are made and manufactured in-state.

Here are a few of our favorites that you might not know about, all worth purchasing here to support your fellow Nebraskans:

  • Sugar Shack Country Candles: Located in Edgar, Nebraska, the company was started by two friends in 1994 and has since expanded to ship their candles all over the country. With quality craftsmanship and service, the company takes pride in their hand-poured, fragrant candles. For Nebraskans looking for a scent to refresh the home, any flavor of Sugar Shack candles is a fantastic, locally-made addition.
  • Beef Jerky: Didn’t know your favorite salty snack was made in Nebraska? Omaha’s Jerky Factory has been producing The Original Beef Bark with no artificial flavors or nitrates in their locally-owned factory for years. From beef jerky to chicken jerky or even jerky doggie treats, this company has cornered the market on quality. Pick up a batch at the Plattsmouth location or the Omaha location.
  • Duck Decoys: Minaska Outdoors manufactures everything from game calls, to decoys, to apparel and trapping gear that you might need for a day hunting in the great outdoors. Each product represents the next generation of hunting accessories. The best part? They’re located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

If you can think of a product you need, chances are that something like it is made in Nebraska. Taking the time to seek out our own Nebraskan manufacturers is beneficial to everyone in the long run, and keeping our state’s economy strong is due partially to our support of local businesses.

Nebraska manufacturers may not make everything, but we try to come pretty darn close. And as we’ve said here on our blog before, if you have the option to purchase something made in America—or better yet, made here in Nebraska—why wouldn’t you take it?

photo credit: theimpulsivebuy via photopin cc