Program Spotlight: Northeast Community College

We’ve highlighted one of our partners in education, Northeast Community College, a few times in the past–once for their outstanding diesel technology program, and more recently for introducing the option to get a diversified manufacturing certificate this fall. The community college, located in Norfolk, Nebraska, is launching their diversified manufacturing program partially with a grant […]

Nebraskan Grads Having Great Luck Landing Jobs

This past weekend, the commencement ceremonies at several Nebraska Universities sent off a new class of graduates with best wishes and a framed diploma, ready for job hunting and finding the path to their eventual career. Amidst the excitement and happiness surrounding the completion of four (or two, or one) years of rigorous study in […]

What is Advanced Manufacturing?

We keep reinforcing the fact that manufacturing today isn’t what it used to be, and for good reason–it really isn’t. In that light, one term that you’ll hear thrown around a lot these days is “advanced manufacturing.” In one sense, it seems like a pretty simple term to define, but in another, it’s so all-encompassing […]

Reshoring: A Term You Need to Know

In a recent post titled “The Beauty of American Manufacturing,” we gave you four good reasons that American manufacturing is something worth talking about (and being involved in). Today, we’re going to expand on some of those ideas by telling you about a term you absolutely need to know: reshoring. What is reshoring? We’ve all […]

So, What Is Manufacturing Nebraska?

If you stumbled upon this page and have read our introduction, you may be wondering exactly what “Manufacturing Nebraska” is and why we’re dedicated to putting a new face on manufacturing in Nebraska. Today, we’re here to tell you just that. The blog Manufacturing Nebraska, and all the social accounts associated with it (Twitter, Facebook, etc., all […]