What Does Manufacturing Mean to You?

A new video is making its rounds in the manufacturing space (including on our Twitter account) that ought to get you thinking about the importance of manufacturing. In the video, which you can see above, the National Association of Manufacturers asks Milennials on the street what manufacturing is and why it’s important. As you can see, […]

Why Manufacturing Matters

In economics, students were once taught that the backbone of America’s economy rested on factories–the machines inside of them, and the men and women who ran them. Even today, the economy is deeply rooted in high-tech machinery to produce the goods that help Americans live their daily lives. In today’s economy, manufacturing only accounts for […]

New Report Finds Nebraska Highly Competitive for Manufacturing

A new report by the Nebraska Public Power District found good news for Nebraska’s manufacturing industry and fabricated metal sector. According to NPPD, Nebraska has been making better progress in building back manufacturing employment numbers than other states–or even the entire country. They note that “companies with Nebraska manufacturing plants benefit from location and other competitive […]