Auto Sector Pickup Spreading Throughout Manufacturing

A lot of our posts here at NeMAC have told you that the manufacturing sector will only continue to boom over the next few years. We wouldn’t be saying that if it weren’t true. But one industry that is doing especially well is the automotive sector, which will no doubt raise the bar for the […]

Ford Announces Largest Factory Expansion In 50 Years

In light of yesterday’s post about the ticking of manufacturing’s biological clock, we thought that we’d offer something a little more uplifting: news that shows that manufacturing still has a lot of teeth. Even at a time when manufacturing needs more younger workers than ever, many manufacturers are still investing in the industry’s future. One […]

Then and Now: Auto Manufacturing in the ’50s vs. Today

This past weekend, in a small town called Pierce, Nebraska, something amazing happened: thousands of people flocked to a car auction where hundreds and hundreds of cars were sold. That may not sound unusual, until you realize that many over the cars were several dozen years old, many of them with less than 25 miles […]