Auto Sector Pickup Spreading Throughout Manufacturing

A lot of our posts here at NeMAC have told you that the manufacturing sector will only continue to boom over the next few years. We wouldn’t be saying that if it weren’t true. But one industry that is doing especially well is the automotive sector, which will no doubt raise the bar for the […]

GM’s Appointment of Mary Barra as CEO: A Big Step Forward for Women in Manufacturing?

Yesterday, General Motors made history by appointing Mary Barra to be their new CEO. Although that may seem like a normal old announcement, this one is made distinctive by the fact that it will make Barra the first woman to lead a global automaker. And as Forbes notes in their article about the appointment by […]

What in the World is Lights-Out Manufacturing?

We’ve already covered a few manufacturing definitions here on the blog, and on Monday, we highlighted local manufacturer MetalQuest Unlimited. But one thing that we left out of our post on Monday–and something we haven’t defined yet–is also something that MetalQuest Unlimited does. It’s called lights-out manufacturing, and it’s a pretty cool process that more and […]