3 Women Making Waves In Male-Dominated Manufacturing Occupations

A buzzword in the manufacturing industry today is the “gender gap”: the disparity between males and females in manufacturing occupations throughout the United States. That’s not to say that there aren’t female-dominated occupations, because there certainly are, but manufacturing has traditionally been construed as a male-dominated occupation. And with some of these statistics from Catalyst’s […]

Advice from Women in Manufacturing

Women are an untapped source for filling the skills gap and reducing the disparities manufacturing currently has between workers and positions. But why is this the case? Why aren’t women more involved in manufacturing? Great question. Well first, there’s the issue of incorrect stereotypes that massively harm the way we think about manufacturing. In engineering […]

Girls Who Code

Stereotypically and traditionally, manufacturing and STEM-related careers are associated with men, stinky factories, and sweat-filled assembly lines. These cultural stigmas are one of the main reasons America is having such a rough time keeping and adding women to the manufacturing field– the numbers just aren’t there. And more importantly, these stigmas just aren’t true anymore. […]

Women Remain Untapped Resource for Manufacturing

Social stigma is a very real phenomenon, and one of the main hindrances to women working in the manufacturing field. We’ve talked about this on the blog before, how anyone can succeed in manufacturing, no matter what gender you are and no matter what field of manufacturing you hope to work in. However, a recent […]

Closing the Skills Gap with Women in Manufacturing

For many, there is just something about the word “manufacturing” that just seems manly. Often, when someone is asked to describe an old manufacturing company, they think of a male-dominated, old school factory. According to a report from the National Women’s Law Center, women lost more manufacturing jobs than were gained from January 2010 to […]

For Women in Manufacturing, Starting Early May Be Key

A few weeks back, we covered our top ten best blog posts of 2013. Included in this roundup was a great recap of the organization Women in Manufacturing, a group created to encourage the presence of women in manufacturing and emphasize the gender-inclusiveness of the industry. Although it seems as if it should be archaic […]

GM’s Appointment of Mary Barra as CEO: A Big Step Forward for Women in Manufacturing?

Yesterday, General Motors made history by appointing Mary Barra to be their new CEO. Although that may seem like a normal old announcement, this one is made distinctive by the fact that it will make Barra the first woman to lead a global automaker. And as Forbes notes in their article about the appointment by […]

4 Tips for Women Getting Started in Manufacturing

There’s a definite place for women in manufacturing today–one that many people aren’t actually aware of. Especially as the industry changes, technology changes, and companies continue to adjust to operate with a workforce that’s currently shrinking, we’re starting to see more and more women in manufacturing. The problem is, even though there are many women […]

What About Women In Manufacturing?

Aside from our post about Afton Hollertz’s award from Manufacturing Engineering Media, we haven’t covered too much about the people who actually work in manufacturing. Today, though, we thought we’d spend a minute telling you about a great organization called Women In Manufacturing. They exist to combat the typical thought that manufacturing is only for […]