Bellevue Girls Redefine Robotics Gender Norms

A few months ago, a young girl named Cash Cayen from Timmins, Ontario, noticed that her summer robotics program at the local library was only available to boys. When she asked the library’s assistant director about why only boys were allowed to participate, the director noted that “boys’ academic and literacy skills don’t improve over […]

Summer Resources for Girls in STEM

We’ve written on the blog before about how women, and particularly young girls, are truly an untapped resource for the needs of the manufacturing industry. This is a two-way street, though. Manufacturing needs more women, and could benefit immensely from the brains and creativity of millions of young girls who don’t know that STEM is […]

Advice from Women in Manufacturing

Women are an untapped source for filling the skills gap and reducing the disparities manufacturing currently has between workers and positions. But why is this the case? Why aren’t women more involved in manufacturing? Great question. Well first, there’s the issue of incorrect stereotypes that massively harm the way we think about manufacturing. In engineering […]

Why Do Students Leave STEM?

The skills gap isn’t the only problem in the United States these days– worrisome statistics regarding SLS, Students Leaving STEM, is a massive issue at educational institutions across the county. According to a late 2014 report, it was revealed that 48% of bachelor’s degree students who entered STEM fields between 2003 and 2009 have left. […]